Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


7. 7


Chapter 7

   A few months after Charley’s death, Helen received a large envelope the contents of which changed her life.

   Inside was a photograph of the whole team including Charley. On the back was written the words saying.

 ‘We were there when Charley died’ followed by a list of six names the last of which was Charley’s best friend and according to his letters his lover Tony, 'Anthony Ricci'.

 Officer Trevor O’Brien felt sick. He was used to seeing road accidents but never one where the body was so badly burnt. According to the coroner’s report it confirmed that the body lying on the ground next to his car was Christopher Miller. He had been doused with gasoline which was then set alight. The report stated that he had been conscious at the time and subsequently burnt to death screaming.    

News Flash Police hunt for killer in death of Christopher Miller, a twenty-year-old student whose body was found, in the morning in what the authorities have labelled a homicide.  

Police Report

   According to the state homicide team sent to investigate, Christopher Miller was murdered. They came to the conclusion that he knew his killer, because he had stopped his car and put it into park, then wound down the window as if to talk to someone. That’s when the gasoline was thrown over him. They knew this from traces found on the passenger seat. He had then opened the door and stepped out. From the burn marks on the door, they could tell at that point the liquid had been ignited and had burst into flames that engulfed the young man. He died while rolling around on the ground trying to put it out. 

   “Well Tony,” Josh said shoving me against the wall, “What did you do with the book of matches I gave you when Charley’s car went over the edge?”

 “I don’t remember.” I replied rubbing my arm.

   Josh swore, he couldn’t remember if he was wearing gloves at the time when he handed over the book of matches.  Earlier that day Trevor had unofficially told him that now the state police were involved they had reopened the case file of Charley Carter’s death. This was because of the similarities of both the victims having been doused with gasoline, even though only Christopher Miller’s body had been set alight.

    Still worried about Tony and those blasted matches. He decided Tony had to go. So at the next practice match he deliberately tripped Tony and using his body weight he came down hard on the exposed leg. Naturally josh had said he was sorry when Tony was carried off the field.

   Coach Adams called a meeting. He started by announcing the devastating news that Matt, their quarter back, was dead apparently, he was travelling by car on the interstate when his car burst into flames. He then introduced the man sitting next to him as FBI agent Todd Williams.

   Agent Williams explained he was there because the state police were worried that a new type of serial arsonist was in the area. These people didn’t just light fires, but actual targeted people to kill by fire. He also told them that Matthew Johnson’s death was no accident, someone had set an incendiary device in his car.

   Josh was really worried about his safety. Someone was killing off his friends. He needed to get into Matt’s room to recover the listening bug, and go to Tony’s room to collect the listening bug left there before the FBI discovered them.

   Josh slipped away straight after football practice and headed for the accommodation block, where he found a couple of agents already searching Matt’s room.


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