Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


6. 6

Chapter 6

  Josh although he didn’t wish to admit it. He was pleased to see the back of Charley’s sister.  Coach Adams and Officer O’Brien had reported back to him that she had asked some awkward questions about the initiation ceremony.

  Thankfully they had been able to reassure her that this was a harmless bonding exercise that every player had to go through before becoming a full team member, and had nothing to do with her brother’s death.                       

  I was relieved when Charley’s sister eventually left for home after clearing her brother’s things out of the room. Now I could relax a little as I had been aware that Josh or one of the others where always around, keeping a watchful eye on me just in case I said something which I almost did because having her around all the time brought back memories that I wanted to forget. What happened to Charley still gave me nightmares.

     The initiation ceremony was meant to build friendships I had already been through the process a few weeks earlier although embarrassing enough having to stripping buck naked and someone grabbing your private parts, with the occasional digital penetration up the backside wasn’t considered serious.

   Josh and his friends had agreed that Charley needed to learn some respect for his betters. There had been five of them and only Charley in the room that night of the initiation ceremony. It took four of them to hold Charley down on the floor, while the fifth Josh sexually assaulted him. Then each took his turn.

  Ironically, I, had been one of the boys outside keeping watch. Hearing the screaming, I had run in to see what all the noise was about and had witnessed Josh in an uncontrollable frenzy screaming and kicking at Charley’s naked body on the floor. Before I knew it, I was grabbed from behind and was wrestled to the floor.

   Josh stood over me as I lay there crying “You want some of that?” He said pointing over to were charley now lay no longer moving.

   “OMG,” yelled Matt, “I think you’ve killed him.” “Don’t talk daft I only gave him a few taps with my shoes,” Josh said. “I think Matt’s right I can’t feel a pulse,” Christopher stated.”

   Josh moved over and joined the two boys. He reached down and felt Charley’s body, “Yeah he’s certainly dead,” Josh said. Then looking around the room he said to the others, “Accidents do happen right.”

“But what about him,” Bob said meaning me.

   Josh just smiled.

   I eventually agreed not to say anything as long as they spared my life and to make sure I kept to my word I had to help them dress and dispose of Charley’s body so incriminating myself. Just before the car was pushed over the edge Josh gave me a book of matches.  


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