Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


5. 5

Chapter 5

   “Well, bitch” Josh shouted using his weight to pin me hard against the wall. “I didn’t say anything honest,” I said trying to breathe.

   “But you took her to where we pushed the car over the cliff edge didn’t you?”

   “She wanted to see it, and I thought it best for me to show her rather than the police.” 

   “Don’t think, unless you want to end up like Charley.” Josh said, moving back a pace so releasing me to fall to the ground. Josh then kicked me saying, “Understand,” and then left laughing when I had nodded a yes in reply.

   Earlier that morning I had helped Helen pack up Charley’s personal belongings, reluctantly I let her have the photo showing Charley and me wearing our team football helmets and shoulder pads. This time it was Helen’s turn to cry and my turn to do the hugging. Helen found the hug comforting for it was nice to feel a pair of strong arms wrapped around her in a protective manner. The death of her brother had been a real shock. She had spoken to Charley only a few days before and was looking forward to seeing him. Now he was gone and in such a horrible way.

   “I’m sorry I’ve wet your T shirt,” Helen said standing back.

   “That’s easily fixed,” I said pulling the wet shirt off over my head so exposing my muscular upper body.

   Under different circumstances if Tony hadn’t been gay Helen would have been tempted to go to bed with him. Instead she suggesting as she felt hungry that they should go and get something to eat.  

   After lunch I had parked Helen's rental car at the tourists’ viewing point. Helen had thought the view was stunning and took a photo with her camera phone. We had to walk about a hundred metres up the hill to reach the spot where the car went over the cliff.  Looking down Helen could see the car was still there cordoned off with crime scene tapes wrapped around the area. Apparently, they had retrieved the body from the car using a dirt road nearby. All this Helen carefully documented on her camera phone. Following Tony to the car, on the way back Helen spotted a match book lying on the ground. On impulse, she picked it up and put it into her pocket to look at later.


   Josh was not happy, the bitch, Tony, was talking to Charley’s sister.  Josh had Bob and Chris watching Tony most of the time. He even got Matt to leave a listening bug in Tony’s room just to be on the safe side. He had also given Tony a friendly reminder to keep his mouth shut or else.

   Helen was terribly frustrated. The police appeared to be getting nowhere. She, talked to Coach Adams and his young assistant, Coach Davis and all members of the team. She, discover that Charley was a great ball player and would be missed. No one was willing to talk about anything else. Except maybe Tony who shared a room with Charley, had to know something about his social life.

  “Hi,” Helen said with a smile when Tony opened the door. He had obviously just come back from having a shower for he was shirtless and was drying his hair with a hand towel.

    Helen was about to say sorry and she would come back later when she noticed that his beautiful body of yesterday had a bruise showing were none had been there before. Instead she said, “Wow, that looks nasty.”

   “Yes, it’s nothing. I did it at practice the other day.” I said putting on a t shirt.

   Helen wondered why he was lying, but said nothing about it. She just asked if she could come in and look at Charley’s things again for she remembered seeing a diary.     

   Working back through Charley’s diary, Helen noted that the last entry he made was on the day before they found his dead body.

   On that page, Charley had written, “initiation ceremonies today not looking forward to it, hope it will stop all the other crap.” Looking further back Helen discovered several other entries. One referred to being called names like bitch and queer.  Looking up from reading Charley’s diary Helen asked about the entry concerning name calling. I told her that sort of name calling was harmless locker room banter. Yet I can still remember it as though it was yesterday, we were last off the field and alone in the changing room. Everyone had left so for a bit of a laugh we showered together. One thing had led to another and we had ended up having sex. It was only later we discovered someone had seen us and spread the word.

  Next Helen showed me the entry in the diary regarding the initiation ceremony and asked what it meant.  I had to say something but certainly not the truth so I lied by telling her that it was no big deal and everyone on the team went through that.

   Helen was unhappy she was the type of person who didn’t like unsolved mysteries. It really bugged her that twice Tony had lied. She wondered how he really got that bruise. Later, he had seemed scared and was obviously hiding something, when she mentioned the initiation ceremony.

  When she broached the subject of the ceremony with Coach Adams, he was hesitant at first. Eventually he admitted that all members of the football team expected any new guys who joined them would go through the same form of initiation they had.  He had assured her that it was all quite harmless and was a team bonding exercise.

   This still did not explain Tony’s reaction. She was sure there was more to it.

   Instead of asking Tony, she decided to look initiation rites up on the internet. To her horror she came across something called ‘hazing’, which she read was the practice of rituals and other activities that involved harassment. In some cases, abuse or humiliation was used as a way of initiating a person into a group.

   “Oh no,” she thought. That could explain the name calling she had read in Charley’s diary. She continued to read that, the practice of hazing may comprise either physical or psychological abuse. It may also include nudity and/or sexually based offences.

   ‘O M G’ Helen thought. After reading the article that could explain the gang rape she immediately contacted the police.

   Police Officer Trevor O’Brien assured her, being an ex-football team member himself, that no such thing could possible happen with Coach Adams in charge.

   He also said he was about to contact her as the coroner had released her brother’s body. He implied that although the case file for Charley’s murder was still open, it was no longer active. This made Helen somewhat angry and rather annoyed. She told him that was not good enough, she wanted someone to pay for killing her brother. He explained that although it had only been two weeks since her brother’s death they had no clues. Reluctantly she had to accept this however upsetting it was. Helen would have liked to stay and carry on looking for answers to what happened to Charley but she was needed back home. At least she could now take Charley’s body home and they could at last have a funeral service and bury him in the family plot. Life had to go on however much she missed her brother.


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