Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


4. 4

Chapter 4 

   Helen had insisted on seeing her brother’s brutalised body in the mortuary. It was not a pretty sight. The police had no clues. It appeared according to the autopsy report that Charley Carter’s body had been doused from head to toe with gasoline so they were unable to get any useful DNA samples of his attackers.

   Reluctantly they told Helen that her brother had been gang raped as well as kicked to death. He was found in his car. Apparently, his attackers had pushed his car off the cliff road expecting it to explode into flames on impact and so dispose of the body that way.

   When I first saw the girl in my room, it was as if the ghost of Charley had come back to haunt me. I started to cry for my loss. Before I knew it, I felt her arms holding me tightly and her voice whispering in my ear. “I know I miss him too.”

   Breaking apart, I moved back and wiping my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt, I said, “Sorry for a moment I thought you were Charley, but of course he’s gone.”

   “Yes, being his twin doesn’t help in situations like this, but I know he loved you.”

    “Like a brother.” I said not wishing to dirty his name.”

  “No much, much more than that. In his letters he told me he had fallen in love with this cute guy named Tony.”

   Hearing that, I couldn’t help myself I once again started crying. This time she held me until I stopped.

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