Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


3. 3

Chapter 3 

   Josh hated gays and like his father, would say they should all be castrated like the horses in his stables. Preferable gelded at birth or as soon as they showed any signs of perversion.

   So, when first one and now another scholarship fag had the audacity to join the team it was like showing a red rag to a bull.

   It didn’t help matters when the coach chose the new comer Charley to take Josh’s place as quarterback, just because he had a good throwing arm. This royally pissed him off. Yet thoughts of a broken arm soon cheered him up.

   At the next practice session, the team was split into two halves so they could play against each other. Naturally Josh chose to play against Charley’s side.

   Almost immediately Josh was sent off and put into the penalty box for being too aggressive.

  When Josh got back out on the field again, as much as he tried to get through to Charley, at every attempt he found his way blocked by a defender or the quarterback, whose pitching arm reach out and found its target player, time after time. To Josh’s frustration after the match everyone in the changing room wanted to congratulate Charley, for he was now the blue-eyed boy of the team.

    Josh’s frustration grew when at their first friendly match of the season he was expected to protect Charley the team’s quarterback with his own body.

   I must admit I was getting a little bit jealous of all the attention Charley was getting. It was especially bad at night when I wanted to do you know what with him. Thankfully he got the message when I reminded him it was a Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday, which was our code for having sex.

   It was during frat week that everything started to go wrong.   

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