Tony’s Story

Revenge for a lost friend


2. 2

Chapter 2

  Six months earlier I met Charley when he came through the door of the room we were about to share. After dumping his case down on the empty bed nearest to the windows he turned his attention to me and said aloud, “Charley.”  “No, my name’s Tony not Charley,” I replied laughing. In the conversation that followed, we discovered we were both here on football scholarships. I had arrived a few weeks earlier and had already bonded with the team, so was able to introduce Charley to the other members before the following day’s training session.

   That evening when it was time for bed forgetting that I now had a roommate I stripped down naked except for my socks as I usually do at home and got into bed. “Fuck me,” Charley declared. “Only on Tuesday Thursday and Sundays can I oblige you in that.” I said laughing to hid my embarrassment. From then on it became our personal in joke. Not until much later did I discover that Charley really was gay but shy about it. Thankfully I had found out at an early age having been farmed out by my parents to boarding schools that I could enjoy it both ways. Naturally it being an all boy’s school the opportunity to have sex with an actual girl was rather limited.

    Oh yeah, just one other thing I had forgotten to mention to Charley before we turned up for the practice session the following day, there was this older boy named Joshua Hammond the third who thought he owned the place. Yet unbeknown to him my dad, the Judge, could top them all, had it come to a pissing contest.

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