The True Source of Magic

An epic fantasy that will likely span a few books. Only chapter 1 is completed so far (which is 30,000+ words). The story starts off with Kadren, the cleric, Coj, the half-Elf warrior, and Dern, the unimpressive wizard trying to find their way out of the sinister underground dungeon full of enticing traps. The reader will come to learn how Kadren came to be what she is


1. Prologue

Magic was once abundant in the world: most agree with that.  What people disagree on is how to bring the magic back.


Some say the magic will never return, that it is a punishment for past sins.  Some say the magic will return once the sins have been atoned for, or when wrongs have been righted.  Others say that magic can be made abundant again through effort and intelligence.  Most say that the world was paradise when magic was abundant, and will be again, if ever the source of magic can be found.

But, for now, the world is far from paradise, and everyone continues on, hoping for more magic in their lives.

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