The Death Of Innocents

I tried my best to be as respectful as I could on the subject at hand, I mean no harm by this short story. I only mean to expose it.


1. "Not Again"


"Not Again"

    The salty cold rains of april fall upon a sad lonely house, a house devoid of a woman's touch as well as a mother's love. Almost like tear drops, the rain falls down onto the unmowed lawn. inching its way into the crevices of the metal left to rust causing the foundations to sway slightly against the unrelenting maelstrom that lays siege on the old home. In this creaky house of memories feared but not forgotten, lies a little girl... nose deep in a book she is studying. Though schools hard for her she tries her best and dreams of the future, because anything is better than what lays before her. a lot like a monster under the bed the past and present creeps and lurks in her head. Her wandering mind is soon interrupted by a car pulling into the driveway. Even the sounds of rain and thunder can't mask the sound of the steps like boots made of iron that chipped across the cement stairs. she hid because she knew what the clanking ment, and as she did she peered across the side of the wall just in time to see the door swing open. Out came a figure she thought she knew but now is long dead, she wishes she had the mother she never knew instead. The character boomed out her name “Rose” “Rose!” she was scared, terrified, hysterical even. she frantically ran up the stairs and dived under her tear soaked blankets quivering in fear and dreading the pain to come. After a moment of terrifying silence, the dreaded iron boots came forth up the steps shaking the whole house, almost making it seem like the old home was just as scared as she was of “it”. With each step her fear of what's to come grows and grows until “it” reaches the doorway and says in a drunken haze “you look so much like your mother” “now give me a kiss” and the only words she has left in her to say is to whisper the words “Not Again”


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