The Pen is Mightier then The Sword

regardless if i have talent at all this is the essence of who i am... do you like what you see? sitting here writing on this laptop is where I'm meant to be. I'm actually quite fortunate, some people go there whole lives not knowing where they belong in this cold harsh reality.

Art By Kayleigh Muriel


1. The Golden Ticket To My Sanity


By J.Mills


The day that I give up on writing, will be the day I give up on the will to keep on fighting.


If you take my pen and paper you take away my ability to thrive, leaving me with just the proclivity to survive


The feeling of pen on paper is one I will always savor, it’s real, it’s no artificial flavor.


The written word is the only art i'm worthy of crafting, it's a canvas of a war that my heart's been drafting.


The joyful elation of finally having an outlet to be yourself regardless of condemnation is a rational sensation that I No longer flee.


Where I had no one else I always had the spoken word, my pen has smited more of my demons than that of the sword.


A type of a key, a whisk of ink on paper, that's all it takes for my sorrow to taper, my words care not to gain anyone else’s favor?


When my mind is racing with impossible probabilities and obsessing over moral ambiguities, i write it down and cry… i cry in joy, because i no longer want to die.


Writing for me is more than just telling a story or finishing a essay or sending a text message. Writing for me is taking my soul and squeezing the very essence of my being onto a thin piece of wood that we call paper. I present my everything to you in the only language I know how… what can you bring to the table?



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