The Boys at Space Station Bravo

Mature Content.
The story is about few young guys working together at a 2077 space station. They find there a lot alike. One is new, one talks a lot and the third is the quiet one, most of the time. They hook-up as friends and more. It's made of many short stories I have, then made into book format.
(Cover Photo from Tumblr)


1. The Prologue and Part 1 "My Arrival"



 Johnnie, still in his teens in the year 2077, had just finished a long training course at a battle training school. Now headed for that space station far above his planet, he was worried but… excited. It’s far from his home but, it’s said to have many guys up there his age and hopefully some will like him. With not many guys back home he can call “friends” and will like him, maybe he’ll find some up there!




 My Arrival

 I arrived at the Bravo Space Station when I was in my teens, in the year 2077. With almost a year at battle training school, it was good to have place to call home.  The place was gigantic, long open walk ways all enclosed by only steel beams and glass! Nothing but huge windows, you can look up and see millions of stars, look down and see our plant, slowly turning down below.

 I simply was told to follow the small robot to my room and if I have any questions, just ask the robot. The robot (size & shape of a trash can) lead the way. I asked how many people are up here. It told me: “Around twenty or so, it changes all the time” It also said that everyone there was around my same age. Most are somewhere from 13 to around 20 years old, even the commanding officer was just 24. Most of the older men were already killed, from all the previous space battles.

 I had been trained to simply shoot down enemy spacecraft, if they came to close to one of our space stations. It was kind of hard training to learn but, interesting. Most of the spacecraft will be computer controlled, no humans aboard, so they told me. I had always hoped not to have-to kill to many people. The rest of the time up there, I’d have to attend schooling and other training. They tend not to give you too much free time or you may get into “mischief”.  Mischief is me though. ;(    

 Got to my room and there found my new roommate, him just sitting there on his bed (just in his underwear) typing something into his handheld. By the looks of him, he was only 13, I found out later he was my same age. One thing I noticed right away, was his cock pushing out on his briefs. He ether had a hard-on going or a just had one hell of a cock in there. He then looked up at me and said; “Hey roomy, my name is Sam, they just call me “Sammy”. What’s yours?” “Everybody just calls me Johnnie” I told him.

 He then just stood up and started shaking my hand, with a big smile. I couldn’t help but notice that bulge of his again, as he shook my hand. And I liked looking at the rest of him too! His pecks, abs, cute face and again, whatever that was in his shorts. He’d just keep shaking my hand, he then notices what I was looking at and said; “I know what you’re thinking about, it really is mine. I’ve just been boosting-it.”

 “Boosting-it” was a new street-saying of that time, I had just read of it recently, it was a way too, well… just pretty much make your cock any size. There were also many warnings about you doing it. At that time, place and the way things were going, with a “short life expectancy” I pretty much didn’t give a shit how dangerous something was.

 The current medical world of 2077 was simple. They had “Paint-on-skin” and an “electronic syringe”. The paint-on-skin, works the way it sounds. And the “electronic syringe” You poke your bad area and push the button. Pretty much fix anything, not many doctors left any more.

 I then told Sammy that I had heard of “boosting-it” but I didn’t know all the tricks to it. He then said; “Its easy and almost fun, I’ll show you how.” Then said; “Remember, you can only do this weekly, one or two times and no more!” Sammy then turns the lock in the door and made me promise not to tell anyone. He also then put a picture he had of the room in front of the CC camera. (he is sneaky)

 That’s when he said; “Now here’s the hard part” He then looks me in the face and burst out laughing! “You got to have a hard-on man to do it!” And he pretty much yelled it out. Then he laughs and laughs. “Honest”!

 We both then sat on the edge of my bed and then he said; “I’ll show you how it works” He then pulls down his shorts and that’s when I got to see what Sammy really had down there and wow! I then slowly pulled mine down, us sitting their side-by-side, me half hard and Sammy only a little hard, he beat me by-a-mile in length.

 “What you got to do is this…” He said “With a full hard-on and right at the base of your cock, inject the needle in the right place, (he then points to the base of his cock) then apply the paint-on-skin”. Twenty minutes later you pretty much go do anything. “Honest Johnnie, it works, I’ve done it three times. Two times to myself and once to my buddy Trunks”

 “Can you maybe do it for me this first time?” I asked him quietly. “Sure Johnnie, I don’t give a shit!” He then jumped up, ran in the bathroom and came back. With his hands full of stuff, shaving-cream, a razor and other stuff.

 First, he shook and sprayed the shaving-cream on my cock & balls. He slowly spread it around with his hands, as I watched him, I see his face and mouth was just an inch from my cock. He then slowly started to shave me, slowly and carefully he shaved all of my groin area. “I knew this would work” He said with a laugh. “What’s that?” I asked. “To get you hard as a rock! You got to be hard for me to inject you.” He then started rubbing the head of my cock with his thumb and at the same time put the syringe down at the base of it. Then he squirted the stuff in and applied the “paint-on-skin” and then said; “That’s done!”

 Next was the hardest (or worst) part, I had this super cute, sexy guy next to me. Him almost drooling on my rock-hard cock and we had to sit and wait 20 minutes for me to go soft. Sammy and I just laid back, he rested his head on my abs with his own half-hard cock, reading the info on the syringe box. I just sat there looking at this boy’s cock, thinking that maybe he would want to do it with me when were all done. Also, me looking at that boy didn’t help me soften up, that’s for sure.

 Then there was a pounding at the door, we both jumped up, pulled our shorts up and Sammy went to the door. It turned out to be the robot helper I met earlier. He was just there to tell Sammy his duty starts in ten minutes. Sammy just looked back at me and said; “I’ll be back in just a few hours Johnnie, you’ll be ready by then.” He then winked at me, grabbed his clothes and headed out.

 While he was gone, I didn’t even look at my so called “boosted-cock”, and to be honest, I was scared to. I soon fell asleep (like always I was thinking too much) I woke later and looked at the time, I had been out for hours! Me coming to this new place, meeting Sammy, him injecting something into my cock. All in one afternoon. I then got up and felt my usual “morning wood” dropped my shorts, looked down and saw what I had hoped for. It maybe wasn’t to much longer, but was better! I then went over to the full-length mirror on the door. Me with half a hard-on, totally nude, I looked at myself, turning this way and that. “It did work after all” I said out-loud. “Sure, fuck’n did, Johnnie” Sammy said, standing there behind me. I turned around and me with a big smile said; “Thanks man, it’s great!”

 Sammy then said; “Let’s compare Johnnie” He dropped his pants, him half hard, pushed his cock up to the side of mine. Us rubbing the two together for a full minute, both of us dead silent. With a big smile, I said; “Were almost the same length!” We both then slowly got harder and harder. I then looked up and saw Sammy looking right in my eyes. He then said very quietly; “Want to try them out Johnnie, only if you really want too?”

 I just reached out, brushed my fingers on his cheek and said; “Let’s try them out” I then pushed Sammy back to the door, he almost trips, with his pants around his ankles. The door clicks closed, I feel for the lock and turn it. Sammy and I start necking, sucking on one another’s tongues. I then grab Sammy’s shoulders and move him slowly over to one of the beds. I then said; “I really do want to and I can tell you do too, just by how hard you fuck’n are”. With him now sitting on the bed, I get on my knees and start to work on that cock of his. He then keeps running his hands though my hair and playing with his and my nipples. “I’m going to lose it Johnnie”! He yells out. So, I took him deeper down my throat as I could, I then gagged on him some, but loved every minute of it and that’s when he lost his cum! I drank down all I could! He was tasty too!

 “Johnnie I’ll take over now!” Me still on my knees, I just laid down on my back, on the floor and Sammy got next to me and started sucking me off. After a minute or two he carefully turned around, spit a few times on my cock and slowly sat down on my (new) 😉 rock hard cock. Using his strong legs, he slowly pumped himself up & down. I pretty much just laid there, watching his muscular back going up and down and his tight ass with my cock going and out, that’s when I lost mine.

 Now with this great friend, our private room and soon to have other friends on that space station. I started to feel better about myself, my new home and my job.

 End of Part 1      

 This is a different type adult short story for me, let me know if you like it… 


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