The Boys at Space Station Bravo

Mature Content.
The story is about few young guys working together at a 2077 space station. They find there a lot alike. One is new, one talks a lot and the third is the quiet one, most of the time. They hook-up as friends and more. It's made of many short stories I have, then made into book format.
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5. Part 5 - "Training of Solar Boy"

 Now that I’ve been at the space station at least 7 months (and still alive) They asked to help with the training of some of the new guys coming in, the one guy for me was an alien boy, half human and half alien. These days, I just find it kind of interesting, most everyone now has some alien in them and/or some human in them. And as with everyone, most of them are just nice people. (and a few are not)

 The commander had told me that he’d be here sometime today. I was kind of bored anyway (and a little bit lonely) with Sammy & Trunks out fixing some satellite defense sensor and there was no one to talk too. I had wanted to go with them but, because of my schedule and me filling-in for someone, it just didn’t work out.

 Then there was a knock at the door, I opened it and there he was, and wow! Dam tall, six-foot, six, super thin and just super good looking. He had long straight black hair and his face was super clean and tight. His clothes were also super tight and almost see-through! I could see his super tight muscles and the veins in his arms and even in his legs. “Good after noon, are you Jonathan, sir?” He asked. I just said; Yes, and you can just call me Johnnie, you must be Richard! Come on in.”  

 He slowly walked into my room, looking around (and looking sort of nerves) “Sit down over here” I told him. We both sat down and talked a while and got to know one another. One of the first things he asked was; “If you’d like me just to call you Johnnie, then maybe we could find a better name for myself. I’ve never had anyone give me a friendship type name before”. I then just said; “I think I know what you mean, how about “Ricky”! How’s that?” “Thanks Johnnie!” He said with a small smile.

 As we talked some more, I couldn’t help but notice how… I’ll say it again “tight” he was! Like he worked-out 24 hours a day. His arms, bicep’s and even his hands, so tight you could see the veins in them. His skin too, I think I’ve only seen that type of skin once before, it was so tight and sexy and it was kind of like a tan/white plastic almost. (I’d find out later, how warm and soft it was)

 “How about a tour Ricky?” The two of us got up and headed out. I showed him the different parts of the station as we walked along and talked. I then showed him the many defense weapons that we’d do most of his training on. 

 We then headed back to my room. The boy was kind of fun to talk too, specially with me being sort of lonely the last few days. We talked some about where we were both from and other stuff. After a few minutes sitting in my room, we both went silent. Ricky then slowly asked about the hair on my head and wondered if he could feel it. I just said; “Sure, if you want to… Yours is kind of nice too.” As he slowly ran his long fingers though my hair. He then told me about how he had his hair “installed” as many of the people he knew did. “You know Johnnie, so we could feel and look more like others.”

 He then went quiet again and continued running his hands in my hair, then he brought his hands down to my cheeks. He just held my face like that, looked me in the eyes and slowly said; “Johnnie, did you know you’re a very good-looking human to me?” I quietly said back; “Ricky, your dam good looking yourself. (Then with some balls I said) Do you maybe want to stay here tonight?” He just shook his head yes. “I’ll let the commander know” I said as I walked out of the room with half a hard-on.  

 When I returned, I told him; “Commander said it’s no big deal”, Ricky then turned and laid down on Sammy’s bed, he just laid there a while smiling. “Maybe run and get your stuff Ricky.” I said. “Sure Johnnie” He said as he jumped up and was out the door. That night we talked in the dark, about how homesick he was, I reached over and just held his hand. He sounded kind like me when I first got there.

 The next day we went through some heavy training. When we got done, we were both pretty sweaty and headed back to the room. Later, after we each got showered and cleaned up, I saw him in just his shorts, he had them pulled up just far enough that I could the sexy veins in his tummy and his six or eight pack abs. He then told me more about him missing someone, his boyfriend. I swallowed hard and suggested we maybe sleep “together” tonight, do to me missing Sammy myself. He then just looked at me a second or two and said; “If you’d like to Johnnie.” We then just looked at one another, not saying anything. I then slid my bed over to his and we both climbed in.

 We just held hands again for a while. He then asked; “Johnnie, this wouldn’t upset your boyfriend Sammy, would it”? “No, not at all” I said. “He’d even want to join us, I bet!” I then told him about Trunks and how the three of us often get it on. He then was quiet for a while, but then slowly rolled over on to me and we began to kiss.

 As we kissed, I used one hand to pull down my shorts and let out my very hard cock. I then did the same for Ricky and felt his super hard and long cock jump out. He then moved down and licked my nipples and moved further down and licked the tip of my rock-hard cock. The odd part was he didn’t suck me off at all, he mainly kept licking and running his face in my pubic hair. “Johnnie, I just love your cock hair” He said. He then just kept running his nose and mouth in my pubic hair and licking my balls. “Ricky, you best start to work on my cock some, I’m just about ready!” I said. So, he then took my hole cock down his throat. It felt so good, the way he sucked me off, slowly taking my long hard cock in and out. I soon lost it. “Johnnie, you taste just like my boyfriend does, I love it, thanks man!”  

 I then roll him over, kissed him some and could still taste my own cum in his mouth. I slowly worked my way down to that alien’s cock and found not only was he hard and long but, completely clean! Not a bit of hair anywhere and his balls where super tight too! Again, all the same color, perfectly shaped but best of all… warm and tasty!  Just seeing how silky smooth he was, no pubic hair and his perfectly shaped long shaft. It got me even more horny myself and so I started working on that clean hard cock of his. I truly enjoyed licking all of that boy’s clean cock and balls. I then took as much of his long shaft in me as I could and then he lost it. I must say, that boy can pump it out hot and fast. It was delicious tasting and plenty of it!

 We then just cuddled up on one of the two beds we had slid together, talking about how he just loved my pubic hair around my cock, how he’s never saw that before. I told him how I sometimes shave off it all off. Ricky then laughed and said how he’ll never had to do that! We talked some more about his boyfriend and if he should tell him about all this. We then talked more about just sex and love & sex.

 As it all turned out, even with him part alien, he still thinks about the same stuff as I do. (and is just as horny as me too) We did still have few more weeks of training to work on and that meant, maybe a few more nights together! 😊

 In part six, his boyfriend visits. ☹

 End of Part 5

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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