The Boys at Space Station Bravo

Mature Content.
The story is about few young guys working together at a 2077 space station. They find there a lot alike. One is new, one talks a lot and the third is the quiet one, most of the time. They hook-up as friends and more. It's made of many short stories I have, then made into book format.
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4. Part 4 - "Trunks Apartment"


 After our adventures while checking the monitoring stations (back in part 3) we finely got “our time” to head back to the home planet. It would take us around three hours to get there. And as we cruse along, Sammy and I talked and talked. Trunks just sat there, quiet. Then (out of the blue) he spoke up and just said; “You guys want to stop by and see my apartment? I just got it from my uncle and it’s kind of nice, but it’s in the middle of that gigantic fucken city.” Sammy and I just went silent for a second. (As you may know, Trunks doesn’t talk much) Sammy then said; “Sounds like fun, if you don’t mind Trunks.” I just agreed and said; “I’d like to see it!” 

 Trunks then turned the ship in another direction and (like always) he just sat there quiet. So, Sammy and I went back to bull-shitting. After a while the three of us landed on his apartment roof. Trunks set the cruise ship to auto-park and the three of us got out. As the ship flew itself off to find parking, Sammy and I ran over to the edge of this giant skyscraper we were on and looked down. Wow, just clouds and fog below and the tops of a few other huge buildings. Trunks held the elevator door open and waited for us, we saw him waiting and ran over and all three jumped on the elevator.

 His awesome apartment was on the 187th floor. Trunks let us in and Sammy and I went dead silent again. It was huge, nice and clean, some furniture and thick carpet. There was a small bar over in the corner with a frig and sink. But, the best part are the windows! They were from floor to ceiling and all-most the way around the room. It now was twilight out and you could see millions of lights from the city below. His bedroom was next, same size again as the living room and same windows, floor to ceiling and with his giant king-sized bed facing the windows. It was kind of odd, the head-board was sort-of in the middle of the room with his dresser up to it. The foot of the bed was almost right up to the windows, I guess, so as you’d lie in bed, you could see out at the city.

 Sammy and I were still dead silent, Trunks then said quietly; “I’ll show you guys the bathroom” Then to just see that awesome bathroom was mind-blowing, with its huge hot-tub in the middle of it! I do mean huge, like it was made for three or four people to sit in (maybe) or the three of us! 😉 Again it had huge windows, with sink and other stuff off to one side. The huge tub in the center had bright lights shining down on it. I then went over to take a piss and asked; “Can anyone see me Trunks?” As I look out the big windows. He just said; We can see your cock Johnnie.” As Sammy laughs, Trunks then said; “The windows are “one way”, we can see out but no one can see in.”  

 Sammy then slowly said; “Maybe Trunks… you guys… we should all get cleaned up, after our long trip?” I then just sort-of giggled and said; “I think the three of us… perhaps… maybe can fit in that tub. You know… to save water.” All three of us start to giggle and Trunks just smirked at me.

 Trunks heads over and starts the water flowing into the tub, he then sets the temp and soap level buttons. As the water flows, the three of us started to get undressed and believe it or not I right-a-way noticed that we all three are at-least half-hard already. Just seeing that, I was ready to start sucking some cock, any cock! I soon found out it was just that apartment that made us all horny! 

 As Sammy and myself are slowly getting in the tub, Trunks goes around (in the nude), turning off all the lights in the other rooms of his apartment. Now with just the lights over the tub are on, I see Trunks headed back our way. He stopped at the edge of the tub, his cock hanging over the edge, that perfect looking boy had a small smile on his face and just stood there. He said nothing, as we watched him get harder and harder. His cock soon was almost touching the water. “You guys ready?” He finally said. As he’s climbing in, now we were all three hard as a rock.

 Now with all of us in there, me on one side facing those two good looking guys. Them sitting next to each other on the other side looking at me. I see they were both stroking themselves and so was I.😉 Some of our long hard cocks would stick above the soap suds. So, I then slowly put my feet over by them and started stroking there hard long cocks with my toes and feet. Sammy and Trunks both lean back, sank down some and Sammy just says; “Johnnie that feels so good”

 I then look up at Trunks, see his eyes closed and a half a smile on his face. Sammy and Trunks then start to kiss one another as I get up on my knees, bend over and stared sucking them off, Trunks first. I just got started on Trunks and with him still kissing Sammy he loses it in my mouth right off the bat! God, did it taste good too! He must have been super horny. “I’m next Johnnie” Sammy yells out, so I put my mouth onto his throbbing big, long cock. He loss his in my hot mouth with-in a minute or two. I don’t blame those guys at all for being so quick. When you got three good looking boys together in a hot-tub, them have their cocks sucked, while tasting one another’s saliva! Wow!   

 The two of them then slowly pushed me back and Trunks started on my rock-hard cock, as Sammy first licked my nipples some and then on to shoving his hot tongue down my throat. I then easily lost mine down in Trunks mouth and throat. He then sucks me harder to get it all out of me. Then he moved up and we then had a three-way kiss going with Trunks mouth still full of my hot cum! So sweet and tasty! 

 We all laid back then, in the hot bubbling water and bull-shitted a while. Later we got out and started to dry one-another off and I couldn’t help but to lick those two limp cocks one more time. Sammy and Trunks got a kiss or two in as we headed for Trunks giant bed. The three of us soon fall asleep in that soft king-sized bed and still all in the nude. We’d wake up the next morning with the sun shining on us and with our three morning woods, we’d just go at it again.

 End of Part 4

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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