The Boys at Space Station Bravo

Mature Content.
The story is about few young guys working together at a 2077 space station. They find there a lot alike. One is new, one talks a lot and the third is the quiet one, most of the time. They hook-up as friends and more. It's made of many short stories I have, then made into book format.
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3. Part 3 - "Monitoring Stations"


 Trunks, Sammy and myself (Johnnie) were just hanging out in one of our rooms bull-shitting, when we hear the troop transport ships all starting to arrive in the docking area. The three of us had been left there to man the space station, while the rest of the crew where all on leave down on the home planet. (In my part 2 Anti-gravity room story) We then headed over to the docking area to welcome everybody back. Sammy and Trunks knew almost everyone, talking and waving to lots of the guys but, I knew very few of them, do to me, being kind of new there. Sammy and Trunks kept introducing me to the others as they came off the ships. (kept saying nice things about me too) 😊        

 Then one of the bigger ships arrived with the commander aboard, he stepped out. He smiled and shook our hands and then thanked us for taking care of everything while they were all gone. The three of us just looked at one another and smirked, not saying a thing about the fun we had.    

 The commander then said; “You guys all did a fine job, those of us now returning had that full week off but, how about I give you guys a week and a half?” He then said; “There just one small project I need you take care of.” He then explained before heading home on our leave, we’d have to stop at two of the unmanned outposts. “You’ll just have to check a few things at these two monitoring stations, numbers JS-77 and 78.” These were just small unmanned satellite outposts, circling the plant and both of them have rooms to stay in and even some food, enough for short visits.

 He then said; “I’ll make you guys a short list of things to check, then just stay there awhile for some sleep. Then the next day, you can move on stop at the second one. Check it over and head on down to the home planet for your leave.” He of course made it all sound like “one two three” but knew it’ll be more than that. 😉 We talked a second or two and agreed with a… “Sure commander, we’ll scope them out for you!” He then said; “You boys will need to find a ship to signed out and then you can head out tomorrow.” That night I thought about it a lot, what are those stations like and what will happen when we get there, with Sammy and Trunks?

 The next day, we talked to the service men about which ship to take. They had been gone a week so, didn’t have any of the best transport ships ready. “One of the better ready ones, has a heater prob”. (that’s all he said) They checked it over for us and said; “She’s good to go for you guys, other than the heater problem.” The three of us climbed aboard, the service men and the commander gave us the thumbs up and we headed out.

 As we started off, Sammy even then said; “It’s not so bad in here”. But then after an hour or so, it got almost super-hot in there! We then slowly started to strip down some. We then got so sweaty, we were down to all but our underwear. With us stripped down like that and some fans running, it got better, almost OK.

  The ship… It was one of those three-seated crafts, had two seats up front and one in center back. Me sitting in that center back one had my eyes on the two well-built boys up front. The three of us (just in our shorts) would just bull-shit about whatever, me still mainly looking at the shoulders, biceps of those guys up front. (Even their arm-pits) 😉

 With Trunks in the pilot seat, I see Sammy next to him rubbing his leg some. By that time (like always) I was getting kind of horny so, I leaned forward and stared to stroke both the boy’s bulges in their shorts. They would yell at me to stop it but then laugh and tell me not to stop.

 Then we then finally arrived at the first station. We docked, open the door and floated in. We then sealed the door and turned on the artificial gravity. Us all still just in our shorts and all sweaty, we agreed that three of us should take turns in the shower room. (it was tiny, barely the size of one man) The other guys got started on taking turns on their showers, as I just looked around. The monitoring station was simple, two big rooms, one with all the electronics in it and the other had 4 bunk-beds in it and a small bathroom. One of the best parts was, both rooms had windows in the ceiling, so you could see out at all the stars!

 It then was my turn for a shower, so I jumped in took mine quickly, soaped up washed my shaggy hair, rinsed off and jumped out. That’s when see Sammy & Trunks sitting on one of small twin beds, just smiling at me. Them both, lying back with their heads against the wall and still just in their underwear. Both of those guys looked so sexy, Trunks with his hair pulled back into a tight pigtail and Sammy with his hair all in a mess but still sexy, just hanging in front of his face. They had their legs spread wide apart, rubbing the bulges in their groin and I could see they already were half-hard!

 Now what to do… I got these two super horny boys in front of me and me still naked! I grabbed one of the other little mattresses and tossed it on the floor, knelt down on it and went to work. I started on Sammy’s hard cock, sucking him off good, while stroking Trunks cock up and down. I then looked up and saw the two of them kissing one another and playing in one another’s hair. I worked hard at pleasing them both, suck one, then the other. I loved it! 😉 Used one hand to stroke the one of the guys cocks and my other hand to play with the other guys nipples.

 Trunks then said; “Look at Johnnie’s cock!” I was getting half-soft and so Trunks and Sammy then leaned forward, pushed me back, onto the mattress on the floor. They both climbed down and both started on my cock! One working on my balls and the other licking my tip of my cock. With their two hard cocks rubbing on my legs, I got hard in about five seconds! Without saying anything, I swung around on my back and 69’ed it with Trunks. With me still on my back and Trunks over me, I then saw Sammy ramming his extra-long cock up Trunks’ ass! We all three went at it five to ten more minutes, slowing down, then speeding up and then I was the first to lose it! Trunks sucked it up and then he lost his in my mouth! Trunks (quiet like he was) didn’t scream out like I just did but, just breathed in and out hard! That’s when Sammy did scream out, letting his go up into Trunks’ ass-hole.

 We then, all three laid there, side by side on that mattress on the floor. Still breathing hard and smiling at one another. 😊 Then quietly Trunks said; “You know you guys we still have to check that other monitoring station tomorrow.” First, we all three just smiled, then we all three then started to laugh, pulled a blanket over us, whisper about what we’ve done that day and soon fell asleep. 😊

 End of Part 3

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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