The Boys at Space Station Bravo

Mature Content.
The story is about few young guys working together at a 2077 space station. They find there a lot alike. One is new, one talks a lot and the third is the quiet one, most of the time. They hook-up as friends and more. It's made of many short stories I have, then made into book format.
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2. Part 2 - "Anti-Gravity Room"


 It was during my fourth or fifth week at the space station. And do to the many victory’s lately against our enemy’s, most of the space station will be given a week’s leave. I did get sort of excited about it. The trip back home, seeing some of my family and maybe even traveling with Sammy a while. Just to stay with him a short time, would been an adventure! I started my packing my stuff and fantasizing about what may happen, when...  

 The commander knocks at the door, steps in and said; “I heard you may volunteer to stay, during the upcoming leave time. We just need a few of you guys to man the space station. You, with two others, is just right. Well just think about it.” Then he said; “Well, I’ll check on the other volunteers that mention your name and I’ll get back to you, Thanks Johnnie” And he was gone.

 I had heard he needed at least three volunteers to stay up here, while the rest of the man power are gone on leave. But the way he talked so fast, I was worried that I may not get out of this. I never did even get a word in edge-wise, oh fuck it!

 I then stopped packing my stuff and just went and sat down. I really didn’t know what to think. “Who mentioned my fucking name and why?” I almost yelled it out. That’s when Sammy and Trunks burst into the room. “Johnnie, you didn’t say anything to him, did you?” Sammy said this, as he slams the door. Then I said; “Well… No, he didn’t give me a chance” Sammy and Trunks then both just said; “Good, good” As they both bolted back out of the room. “What the fuck” I said out loud, then kind of laughed. “What’s with them… maybe it’s not so bad after all, Mm” (My horny brain started to think) 😉

 The three of us were having lunch later that day and that’s when they told me a little about their plan. I found out then that Sammy & Trunks will stay too.  Just the three of us up here and the robots. They told me stuff like; “We didn’t think you’d mind staying” and “Trust us, we’ll be having some fun up here!” Then the two of them would giggle, looked at one-another and winked.  

 That’s when Sammy started telling me more about Trunks; (with him sitting right there) “This is Trunks, he is a totally sexy boy, just a little older then us, with few scars here and there from the battles he’s been in but, still sexy! He’s super quiet but still fun. Also, this boy can shut down any video surveillance where ever we need to. He is in charge of it”. Then there was more giggling from the two of them.

 A day or two later, the three of us were standing in the transport area, getting our final orders from the commander, as he got aboard the last ship. Then three of us waved, as that last one left. Then Trunks (who often never talks) said; “Johnnie, you go take care of the robot personnel, I’ll set up the camera’s and Sammy you check the anti-gravity room!” It was good to hear that boy talk for a change. So, I headed out to do my job and that was to hook all the stations robots to their chargers. (It was just a way to keep track of them) Trunks had a way to set the stations CC camera’s so no one could see us. (or what we did) 😉

 The time in that anti-gravity room was going to be an adventure! I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I met Sammy there and Trunks soon arrived. “First we must turn the heat up some in there” Sammy said. The three of us first went into the dressing room. But instead of putting on some padding like you do for training, we all just striped down nude.

 That’s when I found that Trunks was totally shaven (except the top of his head) He even told me he likes doing it and wanted to (if he could) do it for me sometime. Mm. Kind of kinky-odd of him, but I’m super odd myself anyway. He then said how it makes him feel cleaner but, I think it makes him look sexier! 😊

 Sammy and I where half hard by then, just looking at that quiet boy Trunks. He had the most prefect body, and wow, other than his battle scars (just here & there) his super tight abs, chest and bi-ceps! Sammy and I were in good shape but Trunks was the best.

 The three of us then opened the door to main training room and went in. It was a large room, size of an indoor tennis court. Padding on all the walls and padded bars here & there, just used to hold on to. This was only the second time I’ve ever been in there. That first time, we all had to wear tons of padding but this time, we were totally nude! Not only that but this time, I had two sexy boys with me! Sammy then flipped the main switch and the three of us started to float.

 Remember, all you need to do is push against the wall with one finger, and you’ll drift to the other side. Sammy and I just started out necking as we floated up slowly. That boy was a hell of a kisser too, he would nip at my tongue or lips, then stick his tongue half-way down my throat. We then stopped because we both felt something good! It was Trunks, holding on to our legs and sucking our cocks. Sammy and I went back to necking as Trunks took both our cocks in his mouth at the same time! (or tried too!) All this as the three of us floated around the room. Sometimes bumping into a wall and gently drifting back the way we came.

 At that point, I pulled my tongue out of Sammy’s mouth and said; “I’m getting kind of close!” Sammy said; Wait Johnnie, Trunks, let’s show Johnnie how to play that game.”  They said you just push yourself or a friend from one side of the room to the other. You with a good hard-on going, you will slowly drift toward another friend on the other side of the room. Trunks then said; “Let’s try it, I’ll go to the far side” He giggles some as he drifted over.

 Sammy held a bar on our side and while holding my butt cheek, greased my rock-hard cock up some. Then gave me a slow push. Sammy yells out; “Johnnie you stay hard and Trunks you better get grease up too!” Then he laughs and laughs. It took me almost full minute to drift over and that’s when I see Trunks holding the wall and lubing his ass. Fuck’n wow, he’s got the tightest ass cheeks I’d ever seen! Looking at that, I stopped rubbing the grease around on my cock because I was going to lose it half way there. Then I see Trunks holding one of the bars and facing the wall. He then sticks his ass way up in the air, with it facing me. Trunks then adjusted himself some to line us up. Then the two of us made contact.

 My cock then slowly started to enter his nice ass, I grabbed his hips and pulled myself farther in. I kissed his muscular tight back and started pumping in and out. That’s when Sammy bumped into the back of me, he pushes his long hard cock just up between my butt cheeks and hugged me around the waist. I lost mine then and almost at the same time, Trunks lost his all over the wall. With me up his ass and him jacking his off, he must not had been able to hold it. 

 Then the two of us took care of Sammy, he held the wall and Trunks and I held his legs, Trunks worked his cock and I worked his balls. When he lost it, Trunks let some of his cum float up into the air and the three of us did our best to catch it in our mouths. Nothing like floating cum! Mm. We tried that and a few other things but end up doing a long three-way blow-job, while we floated in the center of the room.

 Those guys where great fun, I lost mine twice that time, (with-in an hour)! It was later found that Trunks let the CC camera record the anti-gravity room that time, so we could all watch it later. He’ll just promised to replaced it later with a blank one.

 End of Part 2  

 Let me know if you like my stories… 



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