My Locker Room Friend

Mature Content.
We find working out together turns us on.
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3. Part 3 – "His New Job"

 Josh has been a good friend of mine for some time now. I believe he likes hanging out with me, do to we both attend the same school and both work part-time. I take that back… I work part time. Josh, doesn’t seem to ever be able to hold a fucking job, out of his few tries at it. I think he only worked five days max, before being “Let go!” He is a super fun dude though, always sort of wild and a “Let’s just do it” kind of guy. The only bad part is I’m the only one that has any money and he never has any!  

 Then a few weeks ago, Josh asked me to cut his hair for a job interview (In my part 2) and yes, he did get that job he wanted! And yes, (Believe it or not!) he still has it! It’s at a nice gas station down the road from me. I always go there because some of the people in there are fun to talk too. I often talk to a blond older chick at the check-out and I even told her about Josh applying for the job. They are rebuilding the place now so… maybe they can’t fully keep track of him. 😉 Oh-well… I do hope it all works out for Josh.  

 I did go there then few weeks later and with them still working on the place, you need to kind-of walk around plywood walls to find the check-out area. I paid the nice blond chick for gas and then see Josh over stocking shelves. I asked the girl how he’s doing and she winks at me and said; “He’s alright” So, I go over and say “Hey Josh.” With a big smile, he jumps up and we talked some, then as he tells me it’s kind of boring there but alright. He then looks around and gives me a peck on my cheek and said; “I got something for ya, Jon.” He winks and we made some plans for later. I then told him’ “See you later man.” and I moved on. (trying not to get him in trouble)  

 So, that night, it being a Friday night, neither of us had school or work the next day! I stopped by Josh’s place to pick him up, as I often do and I just went right on in. I see Josh’s mom in the kitchen, she was just washing up and just I said hi. We talked some and then hear Josh call down; “Be right there Jon!” So, I talked some more with Josh’s nice mom, her wanting to know what were up to that night. I just told her; “Josh I guess has something planned, I guess.” She then giggles some, then Josh bursts into the room and said; “Let’s go Jon, see you later mom!” And out the door we went. As we jumped into my pick-up and headed out, Josh was just talking hundred miles an hour and all excited. (I do love that) Then I see Josh had a long paper bag on his lap. Mm…

 He then has me first head over to a fast food place and we had a few subs and he insisted on paying the bill. Then we stopped for gas and then he ran in to pay. I told him he doesn’t have to pay for everything. He just smiles and said; “Wait till you see what else I got you Jon” The guy only makes little money but, now he spends it on me. We did then talk some more about him spending money on me. He just said that he owed it to me.

 We later ended up at my house. Josh tossed that paper bag thing off to the side and then told me how he’d now pay me back more… by him spending the night. “If that’s OK Jon? My Ma knows and she don’t care.” I then thought some about his Ma and what he told her.

 While I was still thinking, I see Josh pulling off his shirt and like always, I looked at that boy’s tight abs, his sexy belly-button but, most of all, that smile of his. He then knelt down and undid my pants, rubbing my cock though my underwear and smiling up at me. As I pulled my shirt off over my head, he then jumped up and ran into my bedroom. He then stuck his head out around the corner with a smile, and with a bottle of lube in his hand said; “Up my ass Jon? Please.” I laughed some and said; “Your fun Josh! Let’s both do it that way.” We both then stripped down, on that warm night.

 We got up on my bed then, with Josh on all fours and his head up by the headboard. I knelt behind him, lubed us both up some and we started in doing it good old doggy-style. Me holding his hips, pushing in and out slowly at first, then faster. Boy, that felt good! Josh keeps trying to stay hard himself, buy jacking off on his cock some, while I kept banging him up the ass.

 Then he said; “Jon, I can stay harder the other-way. Let’s roll over man.” So, I got over on my back and Josh put his knees on both sides of me. With him now facing me, he slowly then sat down on my rock-hard pecker. Us both guiding my cock up into him. I wish you all could have seen that boys face as he slowly sat down on me! Wow, seeing that cute face of his and now his hard-long cock bobbing up and down in front of my face. And also, seeing his pre-cum start to drip, just inches from my mouth! That made me lose it, and only after a few more strokes! Fuck, did I love that! 😊

 Then after a few swear words from me while I am losing it in him, Josh leans forward again and gives a long kiss. “Hope you liked it Jon.” He said, as he slowly moved up off of my still throbbing rod and backed up some. Now with me still there on my back, he greased himself a little and then he put my feet up on his shoulders. He then starts to insert his ten-inch rod into me. He puts in slowly at first, then starts to fuck me harder and faster, he had such a serious look on his face too. Josh almost always has that “child-like” smile but, not now!

 It was alright with me, it took a little while for him to lose his. Josh will often go hard and fast a while, then slow up. (to make last longer) Then speed up again and start banging me real-hard! He then started yelling out my name and sometimes leaning forward to kiss me. That’s when I know he’s going to let it go, “Jon you so tight, I’m losing it man!” He leaned forward again to kiss me and he lost it deep inside me. Fuck, that felt good!

 Then with him holding my legs up in the air with his hands, he slowly pulled himself out while moving back. He leaned forward and licked the cum dripping out of my hole. That’s a hell of a good feeling! He then let my legs go and put his chest on mine and kissed me again, this time with some of his own cum dripping from his mouth. I enjoyed licking some of the drippings from his face and the feeling his still-hard cock rubbing on mine.

 Boy, we would sleep well that night. Me still thinking about what Josh told his Ma we were going to do that night. Oh well, every time I see her she’s super nice to me. I then soon fell asleep, with both of us still nude, Josh behind me, his arms around me and his chest tight against my back.

 In the next part, I’ll find out what Josh got me in that long paper bag 😉

End of Part 3    

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