My Locker Room Friend

Mature Content.
We find working out together turns us on.
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2. Part 2 - "Just a Free Hair Cut?"


 As I told you guys before, I’m just a 20-year-old guy, living in a little old house, that I rent from a family member. It’s out in a country or suburb area. I mainly stay there just to take care of the place and for somewhere to live. This also gives me my privacy and well… some friends of mine, they take advantage of that privacy!   

 The other day a good buddy of mine (Josh) showed up in the evening and said that he’s kind of short-on cash and said he knows I have a hair trimmer kit. Can I please give him a free hair-cut for the part-time job interview he had the next day? “I’ll pay you back Jon, somehow!”

 He’s kind of like me, works some of the time and attends school the rest of the time. (When he can keep his job) 😉 He’s also been in few of my other stories, he’s easy to write about because of the adventures he gets us into, his good looks, but mainly his energy! I think he’s hooked on Mtn. dew & chocolate! 😊  

 So, I agreed to give him a trim. I do have a nice electric-trimmer that I use on myself when my hair gets kind of shaggy. I had him sit on a stool in the kitchen. (easy to sweep up after) “Take your shirt off and I’ll get a towel for around your waist.” I said, but when I came back he had stripped down totally naked. “I don’t want the hair on my clothes Jon!” I just laughed and said; “Actually, that’s how I do it!” I then took my time trimming his hair, he got kind of a euro type hair style. (I guess) Thick and long up top and thin on the sides. I do think it’s fucken sexy looking but, it still sometimes hangs down in his cute face.

 I carefully kept trimming when I see, most of the time he’s sort of slowly stroking his nice cock. After seeing him starting to get kind of hard, it made me kind of hard. It was a nice summer day that day so, I was just in a sleeveless t-shirt and in my running shorts. (no underwear) I was also pretty sure he could see me getting kind of hard.   

 He then asked me to trim his pubic hair too “Please… Jon?” So… I do his arm-pits a little, then had him stand him up and I started working on his groin area, then I stopped. And told him “You got to be a little hard to do this safely” We both laughed some and he starts stroking his nice cock more, as I fondle with his balls some. It gets half hard in a minute and I carefully trim around his long hard cock and nice tight balls. By this time, I’m half hard (or more) myself, just looking at that boy’s tight abs, cute face and his half hard cock. Well, you know.

 “My ass too Jon?” He says. “Well I guess so, you ass!” I said and laughed. He turns around, bends over and with both hands, he spread his ass cheeks apart. I looked and said; “There’s no hair back here!” He then just said; “That’s not what I meant Jon, you can just do my ass Jon, as a payment from me!” I then could see he’s hard cock hanging down between his thighs! That just made me even harder! 

 So, I then wandered into my bedroom grab some lube. When I came back into the kitchen and see him still bent over leaning on the stool, still stroking his cock. I lube his ass a little & me up some and slowly inserted my hard cock into his ass. He yells out; “Deeper Jon, deeper! It feels so good.” I started then to fuck his ass harder and harder. It felt so good to me, fucking this boy’s ass, me holding his thin waist and looking at that well-built muscular back of his. I rammed it in faster and harder.

 That’s when I soon lost it in him and then slowed down some. “How did it feel Josh?” I asked, as I slowly pull myself out, Josh stands up and turns around. “It felt awesome Jon!” He said, as I took a small handful of cum I got from his leaking ass and the tip of my cock and put some on my lips and his. As we start to kiss, we could both taste the cum and I could now feel his rock-hard cock rubbing on mine.

 “I’ll do whatever you want me to now Josh.” I said, as knelt down and started to lick the tip of his cock. I rubbed his long hard pecker with both my hands, as I continued to lick his tip. I looked up at him and saw his head tipped back, his eyes closed and a big smile. Him not saying anything, I took the rest of his cock into my mouth and took it in deeper and deeper.

 It’s always been a goal of mine, to take all of Josh’s long hard cock into my mouth and down my throat and maybe this will be the time. I worked hard at it too and this time I think I’ve finally did it! I could feel his balls on my chin and Josh screaming out “Jon, suck it all down!” I did my best (I gagged on it a little) but then felt the warm cum going down my throat, as Josh screamed out some more. “Jon, I love it, and love you! You took it all in too, didn’t you!” I then finally pulled that long thing out of me, coughing up some cum. (also sort of proud of myself) After swallowing hard, catching my breath, I licked Josh’s tip some and we both sat down.

 The two of us ended up on sitting on my cool kitchen floor kissing one another and talking. Maybe cleaning up the hair clippings or maybe… just do some necking over on the couch. We’ll see.    

 End of Part 2

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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