My Locker Room Friend

Mature Content.
We find working out together turns us on.
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1. Part 1 - "Try Out the Gym"

 Josh and myself where just sitting around one day, when he asked me about the best ways to “work-out”. Also, how do I get my abs that way and my chest and biceps. Then he told me; “I sometimes use my dad’s weights he’s got in the basement but, it ain’t much fun though”. I told him I sometimes work-out at a gym that my brother has a membership with. “Do you think we could both get in there”? He asked, with a big smile. I just said; “Let’s find out” That really started me thinking… going to a gym with Josh. Mm?

 Later that day we went over there and showed them my brothers pass and I said; “This is a friend, he’d like to see the place” The girl at the door just said; “Sure, one or two guests are always welcome!” We then headed to the locker room, changed our clothes and headed over to weight room. It made me smile just watching Josh’s eyes wander all over as we walked along. Then we started working out in the weight room, then tried the treadmills and other stuff. Just watching that boy (and myself) in the wall mirrors, getting all sweaty, sort of turned me on. 😉. As we ran on the treadmill, Josh just kept winking at me and I think, I know what he’s winking about!  

 We then took a break, stood near the windows awhile, quietly talking. Josh then admits working out with me was just making him kind of horny. We then talked some more, trying to plan something out. First things first! We’ll look for surveillance cameras (There everywhere these days) We came up with some other ideas, smiled, winked at one another, then headed back to the locker room.

 We first looked around and saw a surveillance camera (just one) at the far end. On the one side of the room are the tons lockers and benches that we had our stuff in. On the other side had around six changing rooms. There the standard kind with one bench inside with a small lockable door, that has its bottom cut off, so you can see if someone’s using it.

 Josh and I then opened our lockers, sat on the bench and talked some. We then started to get out of our sweaty clothes. With just one or two other guys in there, I just sat there and pretended to work on my shoes, as Josh grabs his stuff and went into one of the changing rooms. (and left the door unlatched) Then he steps up on the bench, that way no one could see he’s in there. After a few minutes, I then slowly grabbed my stuff, went into that same one and put my gym bag in front of that opening at the bottom of the door. (Then no one can see two of us in there)

 I then grabbed Josh under his arms, lifted him up off the bench and sat him down on the floor in front of me. I just looked into those eyes of his and at that face for just a moment, he’s so cute! We then started to kiss. That boy smelled good too, all sweaty and whatever he uses for anti-p.

 We then did some heavy-duty necking! We both where standing there in just our underwear going at it with the kissing/necking. This was alright, do to some of the showers were running. While necking we both played with the others nipples and rubbing the bulge in the others underwear. (We both were half hard by then) Doing all this… was kind of scary but at the same time made Josh and I even more horny! Neither of us would ever say anything, just a lot of smiling and winking.

 We’d go at it awhile, then have to stop and wait, (whenever the room went silent) then some other guys would come in, them making noise, talking and running the showers. It may sound sort of backwards but, the more nose from other guys coming and going, the safer we felt.

 It then got all quiet again, so we stopped again. This time to our surprise, it was two young guys whispering about something just outside our door. We could just hear them talking, the one boy teased the other about his half hard cock. Then they bull-shitted about size of their cocks and that if maybe… they could meet up later and “get it on”. Boy, did that turn us on! Josh then reached for the door handle but, I stopped him, smiled and shook my head “No”. I almost laughed out-loud, Josh wanting so bad for those boys to join us in that little room. 😊

 Then some other guys came in, talking and laughing. Those two whispering boys stopped there taking and walked off. (I always wished I’d been able to see those two guys!) I then grabbed Josh under the arms again, put him back up on the bench, slowly pulled his shorts down and his rock-hard cock jumped out. He then swung his hips side to side and hit me in the face with his hard cock a few times, so I started working at it. Josh had to stay sort of bent over, so no one could see him above the door. He tasted so good that boy, him running his hands through my hair and me playing with his nipples as I sucked him off.

 I finally got him near his max and luckily there was all sorts of nose then, some guys talking and some in the shower. He then pulled my hair hard and let out a sort of quiet scream; Jon, I love it, I love it!” He then let his load go in my mouth, boy was it hot and tasty! I sucked out most of it, then turned up my head and I started to kiss him. (And like usual, with a little of his cum still in my mouth). 😉   

 Josh then jumped down and sees me hard as a rock. I then sat on the bench then with my legs spread wide apart, Josh threw his clothes down on the floor to kneel on. That boy then right-away went to work on me. With me leaning over and smelling his sexy hair, I almost got there, when again… everything went silent. Holy shit, Josh stops, smiles and just licks my tip (almost laughing at me out loud) I pushed him away and smiled, as we waited for the noise to start up again. :/  

 With him kneeling there, he leaned back, sat on his heels and he just started smirking at me. Believe me guys, I almost lost it then! Just me looking at that awesome guy. Him still half hard, dam cute face, tight abs, his long straight black hair. (like the euro. boys have) That’s when luckily some other guys finally came in, them talking and laughing. Josh started right back at it, I ran my hands though his long black hair and I then lost mine. It was just awesome!  

 Josh then worked hard to get all he could out of me. He slowed down, looked up at me, smiled with the cum dripping out of his mouth. I then reminded myself (as I often need too) this boy likes all this, as much as I do! We then waited for it to get quiet again, so we could go out and shower up. (With our half hard cocks) 😊

 End of Part 1

 Let me know if you like my stories… 


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