A ballad For a Broken Soul

I have a love for performance poetry, so here's one based on mental health that I wrote at midnight the other night.


1. 1.

 I told myself today that I felt fine even

when the skies continued to rain and

the harsh winds wouldn't stop biting at my cheeks.


My thoughts are back and forth again, indecisive and incoherent

much like the love you show or my trips to the gym.
There's so much of the world to see and not enough time.

And yet, when I'm on my own, time is the distance around the world three times

and living in my brain is like setting my clothes on fire and drowning at the same time.

My mind is erratic and my endeavours will be returned to dust and soon,

The sun will swallow us all and the world will disappear

But God, how grateful I am to be alive.

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