Best Friend's Boyfriend

Jordan meets Sirena and instantly falls for her

But why does he seem so familiar to sirena!

Read to find out!!


1. Homecoming Night

The homecoming dance was tonight and I was so excited! Oh and by the way my name is Sirena and I'm a senior in BCTHS!

Anyways back to the story!

Homecoming was tonight at 7. I had my dress and my date ready! I couldn't wait to go and have a fun night with all my friends and everyone else! But there was one problem my suppose to be best friend Caitlin she's being a bitch to me and I just have to show off what I got! So I'm going all out.

It was 2 o'clock now and I was starting to get ready so I didn't have to rush later on. I did my hair my makeup and let my hair sit in the pin curls for at least an hour and then took them out. They were all curly and shit. Then when I came to that time I got my shit an we went to the dance. Me and my date walked in and waited for the music to begin. I was so excited for all of this tonight.

Let's get this party started!

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