The woods


1. Monday, 28/10/17

“Hans you are going to be late hurry up and get out of that dumb bed of yours!” My mum had yelled at me every single morning, EVEN ON SATURDAYS! To be honest, I don’t really know why she did it on a Saturday, I mean I don’t even go to school then. Anyways let me introduce my self, I’m Hans Hergerson and I live in the south of England in a small cottage, in a small town, my best friends name is Sally, she’s really kind, and my mum, well, she’s like the complete opposite of kind, not being rude of course! And today, well today’s a Monday and I HATE Monday’s, the start of a shitty week, yay! Any way Sally wanted to talk before school so I guess I actually need to go to school.

As I head off to school on my bike, I see Sally standing there waiting for me and waving at me, to me, she was the most beautiful girl at school, but with the other boys, well, they wanted her to be there’s all right, but there’s one thing they hate about her...she’s best friends with a loser, I hope she never becomes friends with those bullies, they don’t deserve her. “Hi Hans!” Sally greeted me as I stopped my bike. “Hi Sally! What was that thing you wanted to talk about with me?” Now don’t get me wrong, Sally was SUPER adventurous and was always wanting to explore things so, buckle up because what she’s about to tell me is gonna be one heck of a ride “Well Hans this is super exciting news!” She cried being eager to let it all out, “okay..what is it!?” I said eager to know what she was going to say, “I found a place....beautiful and well, a bit dirty, but oh well, and that place is the woods! I was hoping maybe after school tomorrow we could hang out there? Have a picnic and listen to Ed Sheeren!?” Sally said whilst jumping up and down, she loved Ed Sheeren, he is a great artist after all. “Um, ok!” I said making Sally so happy she almost kissed me, but, she hugged me really tight instead.

After school, as I got home I saw my mum laying on the couch as always, sleeping, it’s probably because she’s had an alcohol over dose. I head into my room and start to play Ed Sheeren, he’s both me and Sally’s favourite artist, I put his new song on, perfect, and I FaceTime Sally. “Hey Sally!” “Oh hey Hans! O-M-G IS THAT ED SHEERENS NEW SONG PERFECT PLAYING!!??” “Yea....why?” “I FUCKING LOVEE THAT SONG!!!!” -Sally starts singing in the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard- “I found the love, for me, darling just dive right in, follow my lead..- I interrupt her and start singing- “

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