The Man In The Shadows

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 8 Dec 2017
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Eddie Parker is just your regular delivery man. One night however, Eddie runs into some fog after a late night shift and something very disturbing too. In the fog, Eddie meets up with a strange and creepy man, who for some reason........wants to kill Eddie! Can Eddie escape from this creepy person? Or is Eddie done for!


1. The Man In The Shadows

             Hello. My name is Eddie Parker. I am a delivery man, 31 years of age, and I guess you could say I like dogs, however not the ones i meet when delivering the mail! let's get that straight Anyway, I am here to tell you that being a delivery man can be dangerous because of people and dogs trying to get you. Stuff like that. But i have met something very strange and disturbing one warm and foggy night. If i can remember what happened, it was this.


              I was doing a late shift at delivering the mail one night. I remember I dropped off my last piece of mail to Mr. Peterson; a very wealthy man who spends most of his time doing thins such as reading the newspaper, playing golf, or going off gambling just to rip off other people of their money. "You have a good-night Mr. Peterson.", I said to him as I was leaving. "Oh, I will have a good night Eddie! I am just about to go out for some gambling. Anyways, good-night Eddie!', said Mr. Peterson. "Yeah, rip off some poor people of their money like the punk you are!', I thought to myself as I walked of. It was probably about 10 or 20 minutes later that I happen to run into some warm and hazy fog. I could hardly see anything, even with the street lights on. I walked in the fog for a good 15 minutes, while at the same time, looking up at the moon. The moon was clear, pale, and bright. The moon also was in a crest shape, which made it look like the night sky was smiling at me in some eerie way. Then all of a sudden, I heard footsteps from behind me. I turned around quickly, only to see........nothing. Nothing but fog in the night. So I just continued walking. But then I heard the footsteps again, and this time a low sinister chuckle! I turned around again! But again, nothing was there. I started to sweat nervously, so I then called out in a somewhat  commanding voice, "Who's out there? What do you want? There was no answer. At this point, I was getting very uneasy, so I again started walking. Until I heard a raspy voice say to me, "Where do ya think your going?' I turned around as fast as I could.........and what I saw, made my blood run cold! Only a couple of feet away from me was a man! However I could not see what the man looked like.If I could describe him the best, he was wearing all black. He had a black brim hat, a blazer, some khaki pants, and some dress shoes. I couldn't tell his facial features, but I could see he had long hair. His hair went all the way to his torso. He was also very tall and slender. For what seemed like several minutes, we just stared at each other. Finally, I snapped to my senses and shouted, "What the freak do you want?!" He didn't say anything. I was very curios of what he wanted, so I took out my wallet, at the same time keeping my eye on him, dropped a 5 dollar bill. "There! Is that what you want?', I asked roughly. The man didn't move a muscle. I then started to slowly walk backwards. The mysterious man then started to slowly walk towards me! So I then stopped walking and so did the man. I was not sure what to do at this point, so I turned around to see that it was less foggy and more lit up ahead the street. I then turned back around..........only to see that the man had gotten a few feet closer! I stood in my place..........frozen with fear! "what's the matter?", said the man. "Cat got ya tongue?" I didn't say anything. The man then said, "Watch this." Just as soon as the man said that..........a pair of wide ghostly white eyes opened from him! I nearly screamed, but I was able to hold it in. "Alright, alright!", said the man playfully. "I will leave you alone. Well goodnight to ya then!" With that, the man then disappeared into the darkness, in which I gave a sigh of relief. I then stared walking towards the more lighten street. When all of a sudden, the man let out a nightmarish, blood curdling scream! I n a flash I ran as fast as I could, out of the fog and onto the lighten street. Out of breath, I quickly looked back into the darkness. The strange man was no where to be seen. Cautiously, I walked the rest of my way back home. As soon as I got to my house, I quickly unlocked my door, went into my house, and shut the door and locked it tightly. Eventually, i got into my house clothes, which happened to be my favorite black pair of sweat pants and a short sleeve white t-shirt. I then got a bottle of beer and a left over piece of pepperoni pizza. My dog was also happy to see me. His name is Mark. Mark is a Jack Russell Terrier. Then I stared watching TV while laying on the couch. Then for some strange reason, mark started barking furiously at something outside my window. "What's the matter boy", I asked Mark playfully. Mark just stared out the window, into the darkness. i soon got off the couch to look out the window myself. When I did so, I could not see anything but the pitch blackness of the night. However, I was not prepared for what happened next. That same bloody pair of ghostly white eyes opened up! I yelled in a startle and fell backward onto my back. When I got to my fett< I quickly looked up.......only to see that the man at the window was gone! Then I stared hearing some maniacal laughter outside my front door. "Oh, come on!", yelled the man mockingly. "I just want to come in and talk!" I was in fight-orfilght mode at this point! So I went to my bedroom to get my 38 caliber revolever from my bedroom drawer. But just as I got my revolver, I heard the window to my kitchen open. I quickly but quitly went downstairs and into the kitchen. to my worst fear, the kitchen window was wide open! "Oh no! He's in my house!", I worried feverishly. Cautiously, I walk around my house looking for that freaky man. It  had to be like 5 minutes looking for him. Until Mark started barking wildly. I turned and looked aruond in all different directions. But before I could react, a long, thin piece of plank wood came down on my head! Now that's what I call call a brain basher!", cackled the man. The man then walked over towords me with the plank of wood in his hand, which was now broken from the the strike on my head. I then looked up, and made eye contact with the man's frightening ghostly white eyes. Suddenly, I kicked the man in his right knee making him fall face-first to the floor1 I got up as fast as i could, but the man grabbed me by the leg! "No ya don't you donkey", snarled the man. The man was able to stand up, but only to get an uppercut from me! But then the man swung his fist at me! I got struck in the nose from him, and fell onto my back. The man laughed at me mockingly saying, "You have some fight in ya. But not as much as me!' The man then got on top of me and sid slyly, "It's is now time foryou to have some sweet dream! HA HA HA HA HA HA!! The man pulled out a blade and opened it! "SWEET DREAMS!!!", shrieked the man. But just before the man put his knife through my heart, i punched him straight in his jaw! The man flew back, which gave me time to grab my revolver and open fire! The man jumped out the kithen window as I to ok some shots at him, then chased him outside until i ran out of bullets. My neighbors awoke to the sounds of my gunshots. i then called the police to check out nthe scene. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the mysterious man.


             It has been 4 years since that night and I haven't seen that strange man at all I also find it frighting that the man wanted to kill me. but for what reason? Also, wrer did that man come from. But most importantly........who was that man? I may never know the answer, and it's probably best that I don't know Because every time I go to sleep........I can still se that bloody man's sinister ghostly white eyes looking at me.

        The End  

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