Was Love Even Worth It?

Love is what you make it and i have found that i'm not very good at making things so a lot of the time love just becomes a disaster for me... Like a failed art project.






You used to run and i would chase, but now i have grown weary and my legs have grown numb. You could either keep running or come back for me. I would care whether you did or not but i wouldn't show it. I'm sick of trying to get you to be still, just control yourself for one second so i could hold you close. But you care not for my cries and pleas because how could something that doesn't exist have ears? I care too much, i care to little what do you want from me, You're apart of me you would think i would be able to reason with you what does a guy with a broken heart. Maybe it's silly for a kid like me to try and define something as ambiguous as you are. After all everyone needs you, everyone wants you why would I be the only exception? It's not like i'm special or something, it's not like i deserve you. their are way more out there for you to adore then just plain ole me wasting away on your metaphorical shore. you're just too complex of a puzzle for me to solve, none of the pieces seem to fit so i guess i'll just lay back here without you and deal with it


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