The Brady Bunch

hello everyone this is my first... so be gentle with me 0.0 and this is a poem i wrote awhile ago in regards to what my home felt like in the eyes of a child its one of the first pieces i could really say i'm proud of. i hope you enjoy


1. The Brandy Bunch



I am from a world who underestimated my ability, and my father who overestimated my mental agility.


I am from the canvas my mother used to paint, along with her apron and her precious patron saint.


I am from the perceived statue that is my father, a prestiged man for whom I and many others respect despite being the father of a social reject.


I am also from my mother who loves me unconditionally but never really lived responsibly.


I am from my sister and brother, we didn't always have nothing but love for each other, but we always had each other's backs and stood up for one another.


I am from a home of so much love that it really makes you wonder if there is more than just skies above. But don't get me wrong I'm also from the hardships before and many to come, regardless of the wrong that any one of us have done. Because even the happiest of homes can have the scariest of skeletons in the darkest of closets.

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