The Voice


4. Your NightMare

  When we got to the Garden of Eden we saw a bright light it was blinding, Laura said "look at the light soon you will see him" "see who" I asked, "GOD" she said. So we looked and he asked if he could help us he said "I'm too weak right now to defend against him, wait  until I can help". "Wait what is h... ,then he disappeared. We went back to Earth and found that awful thing destroying buildings in a small little town in Louisiana. So we went to find it, we found its mask on the ground while on our way to a survivor. It looked less red and demon like without it on him but it disappeared and then we heard a loud growl he must be around somewhere we said. We heard someone screaming and yelling for help, it was a desperate sign of need. We than ran to the building that she was in and the thing was standing there, it was not doing anything it just stood there quiet and still, we told the girl to come with us, she hesitated but then decided it was the best choice for her so she went with us and  we ran al the ways to the next town.

 When we arrived, out of breath and shaken. we asked the girl her what her name was and she said "Mell" "this is my brother Horatio and I'm Alycia" I replied. Then Laura said "Heaven is in desperate need of help, I need to go" she went with a big flash of white light. I said "that was Laura she's an Angel she's been helping us hunt this thing down, and find out what it is"." We don't know what that thing is yet but we will soon" I told her "but we think it's a demon from a long time ago while God was creating earth". "WAIT this stuff is real"!? "Yes" I said, "let me guess, vampires and werewolves are real too"? "Yes" I told her. Will you help us? I don't know anything about it at all. I don't know where to start and it really scares me. Neither do we. Laura has been teaching us. She has said some pretty interesting things. I don't know, can you guys help me? "Yes".

  We called Laura back and she came, we asked what was wrong and she said " That thing destroyed everything in heaven except for God's throne room." Then we asked her if she would be wiling to help Mell, she said yes so we headed back home to Illinois. I went to sleep on the way home and I guess I was dreaming because I saw him, as plain as day. I also heard the voice and he was setting in a room that was on fire and it had two thrones, one very large and one a bit smaller. There were also s bunch of angels hiding behind a wall. I woke up and told Laura and she said "I lied to you about that thing being the voice and about heaven". "The voice took over no one knows who he is, But don't tell Horatio". "Okay" I said.

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