The Voice


5. Training

 We got to our house just in time, we all ate a bite and then we took Mell to the train station. When we arrived we walked over to an obstacle course and then Mell ran through, first you have to run and jump over a 5 foot pit, then  you have to crawl under old rusty barbed wire , next there are little sticks that come out of the wall and they are very dangerous. You have to be very skilled to be able to do all of the obstacles. after she made it through all of them she ran through. She then realized that she got hurt during all of that. She ended up with a giant gash on her back. We called for Laura and she came and healed her and said that we should go find that thing before it goes and destroys everything. we agreed, so we packed a small bag and headed to New York, but on way there we got tossed in the air by that thing and we got thrown and flipped. We had no control over it and it was really scary to not have control over our own bodies.

 Then Mell and Alycia ran as fast as they could to the nearest town, me and Laura decided to charge the thing so we ran toward it and we pulled out our angel knives that can kill pretty much anything. I stabbed it in the neck it didn't work, we ran till we caught up with Mell and Alycia, we got to a motel and it stopped chasing us. We were tired and so we decided to rest, we checked in and got a room. The girls got the bed so I decided to sleep on the small chair. It was so uncomfortable so I moved to the floor, where I could hear if anything was coming, and Laura went back to Heaven. The next day we decided to head back home so we rented a car and headed out, hoping to make it back before that thing appeared again. On our way back home Laura appeared in the back seat of the small SUV and said she's planning to stay on Earth for a while. We were all so excited to hear this news.

 We made it back home and laid low for a while, until we could find that thing again. Then after a few days Horatio and Mell decided to go out on a drive to town, it was such a beautiful day outside and the weather was perfect so I went with them. When we got to town we decided to grab a burger, fires and a chocolate chip cookie dough shake, Mell decided to get a cookies and cream one, her favorite. After we ate and had out bellies full we went to a drive in movie,  Friday the 13th part 2 was playing, it was old movie month in town and this was defiantly a classic. When the movie started Horatio scared me and Mell by putting a old potato sack on his head and banging on the window. When we got home Horatio fell asleep Mell and I decided to get Horatio back for scaring us during the movie so we snuck in his room with masks on our heads and grabbed Horatio and scared him. Then the next day we found that thing again. It was at the botanical gardens we were visiting.

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