The Voice


1. The Voice

 Hi my name is Horatio and I'm here to tell you my story. When I was a little kid, about four years old, I heard a strange deep, scary voice. I was with my sister at the ocean and it said, “Horatio take Alycia to the reef and hold her under and I will give you anything you want”. I said, ”NO” and my sister looked at me frightened, she didn't want to leave me, but I said,“go inside hurry”. She rushed inside scared half to death. 

 After the incident, we live a fairly normal life. We woke up for breakfast, went to school, played games, and did normal things. Until my eighteenth birthday that is. We had gone out for pizza with family and friends to celebrate. All was going good, I got the Nike watch I wanted from my Mema and Papa. After we partied, we headed home to our house, it was brick with lots of big windows. When we got home I heard the voice again, it said, “Horatio you denied me once if you deny me again I will come after you," I replied, "no" once again. Me and Alycia were scared, so we tried to find out who or where the voice was. 

 While we were thinking a bright light came down and we saw a person standing in the light. The person said, "My name is Laura I'm here to protect you." “Protect me from the voice?” I asked, her answer was “yes." We asked if she knew who the voice was, and she shook her head that she did not know. She told us that the scary monsters from stories and nightmares are real, like demons, werewolves, and vampires. "We will find out what that voice was and why it's after you," Laura promised. "We can summon a demon to tell us and trap it so it can't get away," Laura suggested. Laura said that we will need some rare and weird ingredients first, so she had to leave us for a little bit so she could get them. Me and my sister waited on Laura, and decided that our growling stomachs meant we should go out to eat. We went to this fancy restaurant by the stormy beach, and we ordered a yummy salad with bacon, chicken, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Alycia wasn't very hungry, so we chose to share the salad. My sister went to the bathroom, and then I started to feel kinda dizzy like I was gonna be sick. Since I was not feeling well, I went to the bathroom and splashed my face with water but then I passed out. when Alycia came back to the table after going to the bathroom she started looking me. She found out that the salad was poisoned with a nasty poison, so she went to the kitchen and saw all the workers had black eyes. Alycia started to call Laura but got knocked out by a demon.

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