The Voice


6. Mells past

 We headed to the gardens, once we got there we saw a bright red light it was glowing for a while then out of nowhere a big explosion busted all the glass out of the building then buildings around it started falling and dust flew everywhere. We could not see a thing it was so dusty. All we could do was cough. Once the air cleared a little we saw that thing. It started to walking toward us but a big metal pole stabbed right through his head down to his feet, then his body vaporized and all that was left was his mask. Horatio and Mell went to go see if there were any people who needed help. Me and Laura went to see if there were any more demons that helped him, on our way we got his mask and put it in a backpack. We did find a demon and it did not know anything so we killed it. When we got back home Mell got out the mask so we could try to find out what it was.  Mell put on the mask and her skin turned black and her veins glowed red, when she took it off she turned back to normal and then she fainted. We were so scared so we put the mask away so that no one else could get it. Then she woke up and I said "Mell what was your life before all this"?

 She started to explain and she said this. When I was a kid my mom dropped me off at an orphanage. I didn't like it there because we never got enough food and it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I lived there my whole life, until one day when I was 11, a man and a lady came to the orphanage to adopt a child. They were dressed really nice and the lady smelled really good but anyway, every time this happens all the kids behave really well. They all brush their teeth extra good and wipe down their shoes and put on their best smiles, except for me I didn't really care any more. Ever since I was 5 every time someone would adopt they would narrow it down to me and another kid, but they never chose me. The orphanage workers always said, "you almost made it kid but since you didn't, get back to work." so we went in a big room with the man and the nice smelling lady. They said "Hi our names are Mr. and Mrs. Reid we want to adopt one of you and we have some friends who want to adopt some kids as well, so we are gonna watch you for today and decide tomorrow but all of you will have a home". So we went to lunch, I was so happy about what she said that I could hardly eat my lunch, after that I sat down with my friends and we talked about who would get to go home with them. After a while no one could agree so we went outside  to go play basketball but the bully Derk shoved us off of the court. I saw the man and lady mark Derk off their clipboard paper. I snuck up behind the man and lady to look to see what the paper was.

 It was a paper with all our names and pictures on it they had crossed out all of the kids but two me and Riley, I told my friends about it they said they would make sure I got to leave by sabotaging Riley. They made her slip to make her look clumsy, they made her mad so she looked like she had a temper. It worked the man and lady crossed out riley, The man came and got me and took me to a room told me that they chose me and for me to go tell my friends bye. I went to tell my friends that they chose me and that I have to leave all my friends said bye and cried a little so did I, but when we left I asked where we were going they said Illinois. When we got there they enrolled me in a school. I went and was in the 6th grade then I went to my first hour, it was PE they were asking who wanted to play basketball, I raised my hand. They said are you new here I haven't seen you before, I said yeah, then they said "tryouts are tomorrow I expect all you to do your best". I went home and said "Mrs. Reid will you take me to basketball tryouts tomorrow" she said "you can call me mom, and yes I will take you". Thanks I said she said "you're welcome".

 The next day she took me and coach said how tall are you "5`3" "ok can you shoot threes" "yea" "okay show me what you got" I swooshed all my threes with people guarding me and my free throws, plus I'm fast. coach said you made the team Mell, I said "thanks". "Your first game will be in three days" "okay" when the day of the game rolled around we went to the school and I played the first quarter then I saw someone punching someone else MR Reid got up and tried to stop the fighting and got punched and knocked out then someone pulled out a gun, and shot him but he was still alive and died of blood loss me and my mom started crying and ran up there but the cops told him to put the gun down and he didn't. He started to shoot other people and he aimed the gun at me, Mrs. Reid got in front of me and got shot. The cops started shooting him and killed him they asked me if I was okay, I said yes but my mom and dad just died. They said "were so sorry, how about we take you down to the station and you can tell us some more about yourself" I said okay.

 When we got there they said where are you from I said "from a orphanage in Pennsylvania" "okay would you like to go back there until we sort this out" I said okay I guess. They drove me there it took all day and night but when we dot there they dropped me off and told them that they'd be back when they get everything sorted out the lady upfront said okay and told me to go to the room with my friends. When I got there a lot of my friends were gone they said that they all got adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Reid's friends, the only one who didn't was Sophie. I went to go find Sophie, the lady upfront said she was out side. So I walked out there and saw Derk messing with her, I walked to him and told him to stop he said "what are you gonna do about it stupid little girl", I went up to him and punched him in the face and Sophie and I ran. Then we climbed over the wall and ran and lived in a abandoned house. Sophie left to go live on her own. I was going to mail a letter to Sophie when that thing attacked us.

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