The Voice


2. Gateway to heaven

 After Horatio woke up from being knocked out, he saw that he was in an old junky warehouse that looked like it was going to fall down. There were loud cars going down what he figured was a highway, and Horatio shouted very scared, "Alycia! Help! I'm in a box all I can see is a little bit of light and I hear a weird noise." Alycia came around a creepy corner in the gross warehouse. She shouted back quickly, "I'm going to try to call Laura." Alycia tried and tried desperately to call for Laura, but there was something blocking the calls like warding symbols or something. 

 The brother and sister heard a strange voice and Horatio worriedly said, "That's the voice." The voice spoke and its voice sounded like a growl, "Horatio you have denied me too many times. Before I said I would come for you and now I have. You should have just killed that horrible little girl." "Laura please come help us," Alycia cried. Laura busted through the big metal looking door, with a bright heavenly light around her. 

 The haunting voice disappeared as quick as it had come, and Laura rushed to break open the small boxes. She finally opened the box that had Horatio in it. Laura told the brother and sister that the voice was a demon, and that his name was Cain. 

 Laura told Horatio and Alycia that Cain killed his brother Abel, and was the son of Adam and Eve. Cain is famous for being able to give you anything you want in the whole wide world if you do something for him in return. "So he's like an awful genie that likes to see people die," Horatio asked scared of the answer. "Yes, but he takes those soles and uses them to make him more powerful," Laura warned, "So he can attack the world and make a new Hell." 

 After the scary story we went to get Horatio's old 1997 Chevy Silverado crew-cab truck. When we got in the car I turned the radio on and some Bon Jovi was playing. We were really hungry so we decided to go to get something to eat. When we walked out of the old warehouse Laura disappeared we went to go find her, but when we got in the car  she appeared in the back seat. Laura was all gross and bloody. Blood was everywhere. She told us that we needed to quickly get her to central park in New York city. When we got there and walked to the sandbox there was a huge symbol draw in the sand with a stick. Laura told us that the sandbox is the gateway to heaven.

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