The Voice


8. epilouge

 It was a few years after His death the date was Christmas eve, 1998 we were having a cup of hot cocoa when it all went wrong. There was a big bright white light appeared and a bright flash of lightning hit on Horatio's grave. A big symbol appeared on his grave, Dirt flew everywhere and Horatio crawled out of the ground and marched toward us. He walked right through the wall like it wasn't even there and grabbed the mask of that thing and put it on, and grew seven feet, turned black and his veins glowed bright red. Me and Mell called for Laura, she came and we told her what happened and she said, "I thought this might happen when its body dissolved there was no where for his sole to go because purgatory closed when god put the leviathan in, so it stocked Horatio until he was able to take his body but all we have to do is get that mask off him". Can we save Horatio Mell asked, Laura said " I don't know for sure, but while I was in heaven I was trying to find out what that thing was and I found out it was called the Crazespawn  there was only one ever known to ever exist and only god and the archangels knew abut it and it was locked away with the leviathans, so if its out we must find out how it got out before leviathans find a way out as well".

 Hey is this something, Mell turned up the TV the news reporter said "Strange storms have been spotted around Haiti, some supposedly having glowing red human like figures others being fire tornados that throw molten lava we have a group of meteorologist there right know here they are. The man in Haiti came on the TV and was talking saying there had never been anything like this in History, then one of the figures pointed at the man and a hound like creature ran at him and ripped him to shreds his insides flying all over the camera. Mell said you guys think its him? its worth a try said Laura she grabbed us and flew us there, Horatio's body was laying there Mell and I ran to Him and he woke up but turned into that thing again, Laura grabbed us and took us back home. She said I guess it was him. she said let me go back to heaven and find out how to kill the crazespawn. So me and Mell went back home and turned on the news the same reporter was saying that all of Arizona had fell into a red hole and the sky above it was white, and the storm at Haiti had disappeared and moved to Arizona. They had a pastor next to Arizona he said it was the rapture and god will come from the east soon and he disappeared. we told Laura and she said that's Heaven and Hell the devil has escaped and brought Hell to us so God told Michael to fight back so he brought Heaven here. 

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