The Voice


7. Banishment to hell

 I asked Laura if I could talk to her in private, she hesitated for a second and then she said sure. We stepped outside and I said should we should really tell them about the real voice?, "I suppose we should" she said. We walked back into the house and had everyone gather around we told them about it and they were shocked, they said we have to stop it! Laura explained to them about how she could take them to heaven. She said grab on and I'll take you all up to heaven. But we have to go to the gateway, said Laura. Horatio and Mell both understood and gave Laura reassurance. Laura said let's go. Can't you just fly us over there?, I asked. Yes she said ,hold hands. We all grabbed hands and we were all very nervous. We did not know what to expect. We were not use to this kind of stuff. Before we knew it we were at the gateway. All the sudden, in a low voice. Laura said to back up, she opened the gateway and we walked in and looked around. It was so pretty and peaceful. It was like a dream where everything was perfect. Then at once we heard "Horatio you have come for me I see you have brought me more prisoners" Horatio pulled out the mask and put it on his face. His veins glowed bright red and his skin turned coal black. He rose to seven feet tall and was screaming and growing very loudly.

 Then a bunch of very ugly and scary demons charged toward us, leaving thick smoke and super hot flames behind them. We all started to grab our knives and take off running toward the army. Laura walked quickly through the army and grabbed their faces. All of the sudden their bodies disappeared and every one of them were screaming loudly in pain. They had been demons for so long that some lost feeling and were not in pain at all while others were screaming their lungs out like they never felt pain before. This was so freaky that all I wanted to do was close my eyes but I knew that they needed my help so I took a deep breath and reassured myself that everything was going to be ok.

 Horatio ran at the voice and jumped so high in the air and when he did a long shiny blade with little black stars came out of his wrist and he stabbed the voice. When he did this the voice said, angrily "your messing with the wrong angel!!!" The voice threw Horatio at us and broke the mask in two even pieces causing one to  slide all the way across the room where it landed at our feet. Horatio stopped breathing and his face turned purple he started bleeding. Then there was a super bright light, so bright that it was really hard to see anything. At once a man appeared he was bright and glorious, he was so wonderful that it made you want to stop what you are doing and only focus on him, he grabbed a bright shiny lightning bolt and threw it as hard as he could at the devil, it pierced his gross leathery skin and it stabbed right through him and then a giant rift opened up and the loud bolt pushed the devil really hard and fast. He went right through it and back to Hell. We ran up to Horatio and he could not believe it but it was God, standing over him, staring with gratitude on his face. God said "thank you! thank you thank you for helping me" and the all of the sudden he disappeared. We then carefully wrapped and took Horatio's body back to earth and had a proper burial and buried him, and asked Laura if she could heal him but before we could finish Laura said I have to go help rebuild Heaven.

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