The Voice


3. Attack on Heaven

 Laura told us that we need to pass through the gateway to Heaven. Once we got there it was bright, beautiful, and joyful. There was some happy joyful music playing.I could see Horatio's face he was about to explode then he burst into song "CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON FOR THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE LAY YOUR WEARY HEAD TO REST DON'T YOU CRY NO MORE"! I told Horatio to stop because he was embarrassing me, "Sorry," he said with an eye roll. 

 Alycia shook her head at his silliness, "Laura said she was going to the infirmary that is by the community square," she told her annoying brother. "We should probably head that way" Horatio whined, he just wanted to explore the cool new pace that Laura had brought him and his sister to. As Horatio and Alycia walked down the long, creaky, and old stairs, Horatio was humming the song again. The brother and sister saw Laura. She was laying on a white hospital bed in a white room. Laura was all bloodied up and waiting one of the nurses or doctors to help her.

 Someone finally came to heal her all up. After the angel healed Laura he grabbed Alycia and Horatio and asked how they got into Heaven. The angel then told Horatio and Alycia that he was going to take them to the dungeon because they were human. He took them both to the dungeon and put them in their own dungeon cells. Laura came to rescue them from the dungeon. She told the brother and sister that heaven is on lockdown. Alycia hurried to ask, "why" she asked. Laura explained that they were being attacked by some creature. Horatio pointed behind Laura and asked, "Is that the creature?" He was pointing to a big steep hill. Laura and Alycia looked over to where Horatio was pointing and saw a big red thing with a mask that looked Hawaiian.

 Laura told them to hurry and go to the dungeon even though it was scary and get in a cell that has warding symbols against demons and angels. The two humans and one angle ran fast down the stairs and they hid in the cell and then the creature attacking Heaven walked down the dungeon stairs. The creature growled and said, "Horatio I have come to kill you and your sister because you denied me." "Who are you?" Alycia asked. The demon creature said, "I am your worst nightmare." Horatio made the creature really super extra angry when he joked, "hello nice to meet you your worst nightmare I take it you know my name and my sisters". He yelled really loudly "ahhh " and the ripped the dungeon cage door off. Laura didn't think he was a demon, because he was not possessing any human. The creature swung a hard punch and fell over the dungeon cage door, then Horatio and Alycia both splashed the creature thing with holy water and Laura rushed them to run to the Garden of Eden.

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