The Rowan

(Thanks to NamesFromGraves for the beautiful cover, your hard work is always loved :) )
Before the Falling, there were Dragons.

Dragons who's breath could set a forest ablaze, who's wings could cause hurricanes, who's claws made canyons in the rocky earth, who's scales shone like glass and who's bones were made of gemstones. Fearsome guardians of all elements.

There were no humans who could tame such beasts. Not until The Rowan.

The Kingdom of Tiber was a harsh place, where magic was outlawed, and even the Dragons were on the verge of extinction. But in the middle of hide, the last pair of Dragons find a human baby, cold and alone, left to die with their strange appearance.

As the child grows under their care, a war begins brewing, something ancient stiring beneath the surface, and a prophecy to be fuffilled by The Six Branches, a band of six adventurers who must give up their lives to go and complete training to save their kingdom from destruction.

But they sent the wrong six.


9. Author's note

​Hey guys!

​I'm sorry that this book has been so short, but I feel that I need to move on the story without over-crowding the one set out here currently.

​The next book in the series will be 'The Birch' and may possibly be a little longer than this one, or roughly the same length. I want to thank everybody who has read, reviewed and supported this story, with special thanks to NamesFromGraves, who designed the cover, and has been a great supportive friend during the process of writing this adventure.

​This writing project has meant a lot, and the world within it is special to me, as the first fantasy world that I have properly fleshed out, even partaken in some amateur map-making and researched the hell out of a lot of things in order to make notes on the different species within the Kingdom of Tiber itself.

​Again, thank you for being so awesome, and I hope our adventures can continue for a long while currently.


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