Drayden is an aspiring detective. Usually, just going to the crime scenes is enough, but the bloodlust drags him in further. You know that voice in your head that tells you not to do something? Well, his encourages it.


3. Jeffrey Dahmer

It was quiet behind the closed, wooden door and he could hear the murmuring of his mother. 

"Ma'am," the crinkly man began.

"Andrea," she interrupted.

"Andrea, your son is...different. I don't think he's right for this school."

"Where else do you expect him to go? In the middle of the school year? What about those uniforms I just bought? I'm guessing I'm not getting my money back for those, now am I?" She huffed.

"Maybe he can get a fresh start over at the academy. Maybe they can straighten him out."

"There is nothing wrong with him."

"Ma'am, I mean, Andrea," he stammered, "we're halfway through the year and he still hasn't made any friends."

"Why is it any of your business if he doesn't have any friends?"

A receptionist peered over at him. "Do you need any water or somethin?" He gazed at the woman, then stared back at the door in response. 

"It's just not right. A boy his age ought to play with others."

"He gets along just fine with Kate."

"Others his age," He corrected. "You've got yourself a Jeffrey Dahmer in the making Andrea."

"There's nothing wrong with him!" She said, firmly this time.

The door opened and closed, then she walked to the receptionist, "I need withdrawal papers."


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