The Half-Blood

Hi! So I'm bad a summary's, but I'll try. One day a girl appears at camp Half-Blood claiming to have been sent by Posiden to find her brother Percy Jackson. Percy is intrigued by his long lost sister. But, he also finds out what it's like to have a sibling. Join Percy and the gang in this all new adventure!
Copyright (c) 2017


5. Woah! This Is Love?

 I fell in love. I was crushing on Nico Do Angelo. I didn't tell anyone. I finally brought myself to tell him. One morning Nico and Percy were talking in our cabin. I hurried down the ladder of my bunk and got ready as quickly as possible. "Nico," I said trying to sound innocent "Can I talk to you outside for a moment?" I asked. "Sure." He said shrugging. Once outside I told him. "I love you Nico." I said. He looked at me in shock. "OK. I kinda had a crush on you too." He replied. "Then its official?" I asked. "What's official?" Nico asked. "Us being a couple silly." I replied. "Yeah." Nico said smiling. Than suddenly Nico grabbed my hand and kissed me. I felt like I was in heaven. I said goodbye and walked down too the big house for lunch. At the Poseidon table Percy decided to question me. "What did you need Nico for?" Percy asked. "None of your business." I replied. "It is my business! I'm your older brother!" Percy said angrily. I cringed. Eyeing my expression Percy left. I knew he didn't want to accidentally hurt me. So I decided to sit at the Hades table. "My table's empty and so is yours. So we are combing tables." I told Nico. We at dinner together happily. Then we went for a moonlit walk on the beach. I made ripples in the water that were beautiful. We skipped stones across the lake. I always won. Nico said was because water was my element. Sitting there on the beach we kissed. I knew Nico and I were meant to be.

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