The Half-Blood

Hi! So I'm bad a summary's, but I'll try. One day a girl appears at camp Half-Blood claiming to have been sent by Posiden to find her brother Percy Jackson. Percy is intrigued by his long lost sister. But, he also finds out what it's like to have a sibling. Join Percy and the gang in this all new adventure!
Copyright (c) 2017


2. That's my brother?

I finally made it to Half-Blood hill. But the Minotaur overtook me and blocked my way into camp Half-Blood. Suddenly a boy who looked just like me ran out and started fighting the Minotaur. A blond girl with grey eyes grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the barrier. The boy ran through the barrier behind us. "What's your name?" The girl asked sweetly. "Rowena Jackson. Daughter of Sally Jackson and Poseidon. Sister to Percy Jackson. Poseidon sent me to camp Half-Blood cause he said I was old enough." I replied. The who looked like me stood there with his mouth open. "I'm assuming you're Percy Jackson." I said. "Um.. Yeah." He replied. "When were you born?" He asked awkwardly. "When you were seven. I was born in secret and then went to live with Poseidon so mom didn't have to care for two demigods." I replied. "Oh." Was all he said. "Well, welcome to camp Half-Blood!" The girl with grey ryes said. "I'm Annabeth." She added. "Hi! Pleased to meet you." I replied. "Penelope Grace!" Annabeth yelled. A girl with black hair and green eyes walked up. "Yeah?" She asked. "Give Rowena a tour." Annabeth replied. Penelope showed me around. She complimented me on my knife. I soon learned she was a daughter of Zeus. After the tour we sat by the lake and talked. We became inseparable.

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