The Half-Blood

Hi! So I'm bad a summary's, but I'll try. One day a girl appears at camp Half-Blood claiming to have been sent by Posiden to find her brother Percy Jackson. Percy is intrigued by his long lost sister. But, he also finds out what it's like to have a sibling. Join Percy and the gang in this all new adventure!
Copyright (c) 2017


1. I will probably die!

Hi! I'm Rowena Jackson. If you're reading this you've probably heard about my brother, Percy Jackson already. I'm a demigod and a daughter of Poseidon. It started out like any other day. I was hanging out in my dad's underwater palace (Yes, I can breath underwater.) with my naiad friend Leanne. Then my dad came in and that's when my world turned upsidedown. "Rowena" Poseidon said. "Yeah?" I asked. Then he told me he wanted me to go on a mission where I would probably die. Well, not exactly. "I want you to go to camp Half-Blood and find your brother Percy Jackson." He said. "Great! I'm gonna die!" I replied. "If you don't persevere and learn to use your powers than yes, you will die." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Well, this is gonna a be a super fun day!" I said. I started throwing my clothes and possessions in to my teal backpack. I grabbed my knife, some ambrosia, and my picture of my mom. I put the ambrosia and picture of my mom, Sally Jackson in my bag. I fasened the knife to my belt and slung the bag over my shoulder. I took one last look at my dad's palace before floating to the surface. I swam to shore. I checked my surroundings. "Great! I'm in New York!" I yelled. "The only thing that could make this day better is if a monster came after me!" I yelled sarcastically. As if on cue a Minotaur appeared out of now where and started chasing me. "Thanks dad! Great parting gift!" I yelled at the ocean. I knew out would be a long run to get to camp Half-Blood. 

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