10 Years Of Hell

Follow 10 year old Andy through her life as her "friend" harasses her,her parents ignore her,and as she has suicidal thoughts...


2. Present day...

    February 23rd 2015,3:46pm,it was Andy's 10th birthday party.Over the years Andy had collected a couple of friends.Just enough to fill a laser tag birthday party for 10.Andy had invited Meg,and Lily who were best friends with each other and went to any birthday party they were invited to.Tessa,and Bethany who were Andy's best friends in grade 3,but had slowly drifted apart from over the past year.Viccki,Leanna,and Lola who were her group that she hung out with.Her step sister,Casse,and finally the only person who would hang out with Andy outside of school.Even though she physically harmed Andy,her "best friend,"Madi.Yes Madi as in the mean girl she met when she was 4.Over the years no one really ever wanted to hang out with Andy.The only person who would was Madi.Even though Andy would go home with bruises and open gorged cuts that she could feel her heart beat just by sitting still threw.Andy had no other choice,it was get beat up and have a friend,or don't get beat up and not have any friends.The fact that Andy was already depressed,a secret she told no one not even her parents.Andy couldn't bare to not have any friends,she would most likely try or at least think about doing something.Weather slitting her wrists or just killing herself in total.Something would have happened.They all were sitting in the party room when a nice lady in dark clothing came by."Andy's party for 10?"She said gesturing towards the laser dome.The girls ran toward the room,separating into 2 teams.The red team,Meg,Lily,Tessa,Bethany,and Viccki.And the blue team,Leanna,Lola,Casse,Madi,and Andy.Grabbing their guns they bolted into the laser dome.Everything was going smoothly until..."Duck!"Andy yelled toward her team as the red team had snipers with guns pointing right at them.They started getting closer,one by one until they were nearly 5 feet away.    "Run!!!"came a sound from all of the blue team players.Leanna,Lola,and Madi running one way while Casse,and Andy ran the other.Andy felt a tug on her shirt as she was pulled backward.And with that,Madi pushed Casse out of their sight leaving her stranded without anyone to help her."CASSE!!!!!"yelled Andy."What the crap was that for?"she shot at Madi."SHE was a distraction we would have never been able to get away with her by our side."Madi shot back.Andy bolted past her team going to search for Casse.

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