10 Years Of Hell

Follow 10 year old Andy through her life as her "friend" harasses her,her parents ignore her,and as she has suicidal thoughts...


1. How It Began...

    It was March of 2009.Andy was walking up the stairs to go to her jazz class.A smaller girl came flying down the stairs.She crashed into Andy,nearly knocking her over."Sorry!" Andy exclaimed."Whatever." The girl groaned."Hey,where are you going in such a hurry"The girl looked like she was about to snap."None of your business." She shot back."Okay,well I have to go to jazz ,so if you'll excuse me..." Andy started.The girl stood there not moving,blocking any possible entrance to the upper floor.Andy asked her if she would move."Fine Shit Head" said the girl.Surprised by the answer she got Andy just walked up the stairs not even paying attention to the girl behind her.Andy opened up the doors to her jazz class,she sat down waiting for the class to start."attention everyone I would like to introduce you all to our new student, Madi." It was the girl,as in the girl that had just called Andy a "shit head" 5 minutes ago.Andy was traumatized."seeing as we now have an even amount of students," the teacher continued,"Madi will be Andy's partner for our side dances."Andy looked like she had just seen a ghost.How was this possible?How is it that in all of the arena and rec centre that the girl who bumped into Andy on the stairs was going to be Andy's dance partner???

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