Hello Again (sequel to Crazily into You)

It was one year ago,
Where everything started.

A year ago that caused drama,
Confused emotions and feelings,

And heartbreaks.

What are they supposed to do when they meet again?
It's been a year since Haiti and Luke have separated from one another. Now that Luke is no longer with Arzyalea, he's willing to be with her. For real. But is Haiti ready to be him?


Author's note

This story is on a hold until further notice. Sorry!


1. Author's Note/ Cast

Hello, friends!

It's Zireee here with another story, but this one is a sequel to 'Crazily into You'. 

The same casts from the last story will be on here, but there might be new ones, I'm not sure yet. So, without further or due, here is the cast.


Old cast members-

5SOS as themselves

Zendaya Coleman as Haiti Thompson

Arzaylea Rodriquez as herself (Luke's ex-girlfriend, real life)

Crystal Leigh as herself (Michael's girlfriend, real life)

Chance the Rapper as Andres Thompson (Haiti's older brother)

Steffany Borges as Novanna Estrada (Haiti's best friend)

Machine Gun Kelly as Jax Marshall (Haiti's best friend, and Novanna's fiance)

Adam Wilkinson as himself (5SOS's manager, real life)

@Kassieloveskian as Madison Hemmings (Luke's little sister)

Bryson Tiller as Jevon Miller (Haiti's ex-boyfriend)

New cast members-

Lil Peep as himself (Arzaylea's boyfriend, real life)**

SZA as Mazelle Carter (Andres' girlfriend)

Kiersey Clemons as Shareese Dawson (Jevon's girlfriend)


Saint West as Gabriel Marshall (Novanna and Jax's baby son)


There will probably be more new cast members as I go further into the story, but for now, these are the cast members. At Lil Peep's name, I put two bold stars (**). The reason for that is, I may not like Arzaylea that much, but I do have respect and I hope that she gets better with the death of her boyfriend. I'm sure she's still grieving and misses him a lot. I didn't really know who he was until students at my school were talking about how he died and I looked him up and saw that he was her boyfriend.
But anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this story! I'm very excited for it and I have so many ideas! As you're waiting for a real chapter to be published, you should either go read my first story 'Crazily into You' if you haven't yet, or go read my other books. Thanks! xo


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