17 year old Myra is kidnapped by a man


1. Capture

I walked into my house like normal and threw my keys into the little wooden bowl next to the door before taking off my coat and hanging it on the coat rack. I turn around to lock the door from the cold night, but instead I am greeted by a bat to the leg. I open my mouth to scream as I fall to the ground but I feel a cloth stuffed in my mouth. My eyes well with tears from the pain and I try to look up, but a blindfold is slipped over my eyes. I reach my hand to the cloth in my mouth but feel a hand wrap around my wrist. "None of that, Princess" I hear. It is a mans' voice; he had a beautiful voice, but I couldn't recognize it at the time since I was so focused on the pain in my leg. He twisted my hand behind my back and tied it to my other hand, which was originally clutching my shin, with a rope. "Stand up" the man orders. I manage to push the cloth out of my mouth with my tongue. "Please, please don't hurt me!" I beg. He orders me to be quiet and pulls me up by the rope. I moan in pain and the man presses against me. "No noises" he orders through clenched teeth. I shut my mouth. "Now move forward" he ordered again. I took a step with my good foot and limped slightly on my other. I bit my lip to keep from hissing in pain. I kept on walking before he ordered me to stop. "Get into the car. It's the same size as your own." he commanded. I ducked into the car and hit my head on accident. I hissed in pain and felt him clamp a hand over my mouth. "Shut it." he told me through clenched teeth again. He removed his hand and I heard the car door shut. I waited in the quiet for what felt like an eternity but couldn't have been more than twelve seconds. I heard the car door across from me open and close. I coughed to test the waters on talking. He didn't say anything. "Can you take the blindfold off me, please." I asked hesitantly. I felt the car start and start moving. "Give it a second" he replied. "Are you going to kill me?" I asked, afraid. "No" he said. He sounded truthful. "Are you going to rape me?" I asked him. "Dunno" he replied. 

The blindfold was ripped the blindfold off me and I woke with a start, the sunlight attacked my eyes. I tried to lift my hands to cover my eyes but they were still tied. "Here" the man said, sliding sunglasses over my eyes. I looked at him, about to glare at him, but as soon as I saw who it was, my face acquired a look of complete and utter confusion. "Cedric?" I asked, a little louder than i meant to. He grinned stupidly at me. "Did you miss me, Myra?" he asked me. "YOU HIT ME IN THE LEG WITH A BAT" I screamed at him. "No! I swear I didn't! That was Everett, and it wasn't in the plan!" Cedric defended. "Everett? Who the hell is Everett?" I asked him. "Hey there, Princess." I hear from the backseat. I turn to look at him and end up inches from his face. Startled, I jump back into my seat.

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