Life and Death

A poem about the things between life and death.


1. Life and Death

There are two realms that are around.

One of bleakness,

and one were joy is abound.


These two are separate,

but at the same time,

are together.

These two realms are that of heather.


They are life and death and are a part of reality.

They are much to real to be mere fantasy.


Life shines with light that is so bright!

While death is darkness,

much to it's starkness.


Death is loathsome and horrible!

While life is beautiful and adorable.


Life is like a peaceful sheep,

laying around.

While death is like a ravenous wolf,

hunting it's prey down.


Death is the sound of wailing and screaming!

While life is a sound of laughter that is gleaming.


Whatever the realms are,

they are never to near or to far.


And to be true,

they are a part of me,

and a part of you.

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