Button Eyes

the many horrors of button eyes


1. Chapter one.

" Do we have to go?" Bailey asked for the fifth time, flipping her red hair over her shoulder. She was short, and it was hard not  to talk to her as if she were a child.

"Of course we do, Bailey," said Kameron. His voice cracked a little, but he was fourteen. Sitting next to me, i could smell him. He smelled like candy. 

" Every time we plan to do something, you always want to back out at the last second. Can't you just stay this time?" I made sure that the irritation in my voice was apparent. 

" Angel, if she doesn't want to come, then she doesn't have to," whispered Morgan. She was the tallest, but she was very shy. she was huddled in the back seat, right between Bailey and Josh. 

" Maybe we should just leave her on the side of the road," joked Josh. " Then I wouldn't have to hear her complain anymore." We all smiled, except for Morgan. She was getting way more distant these days. It's just a cabin. And we're only staying a few days. I don't know what her problem is, i thought to myself. Sure, she was shy, but at least she used to smile. Now her dark hair fell into her pale eyes, which watched dreadfully out the window. 

"Well, we're already in the car, Bailey, and i'm not turning it around." I said. "So you're just gonna have to deal." She started to mumble something about sixteen-year-old's and drivers licences. 

" You want me to drive?" Josh offered. "You look really sleepy. Maybe you should take a nap in the backseat."

" You don't even have a drivers licence. You expect me to sleep easy with YOU driving?" We both smiled. 

" I only failed, like, three times. And besides, we're only on dirt roads now. It will probably be safer with me anyway. At least my eyes are actually open." 

" Fine, I'll pull over. But as soon as we get back on the main street, wake me up. I don't feel like getting a ticket or anything." I pulled over, and put the car in park. Unbuckling my seat belt, I reach for the door, but Josh is already there, pulling it open. He has his devilish grin, and they way his dark eyes look at me,  suddenly my heart is pounding and i can't breathe. all time has frozen. 

" Angel!" Bailey said. "We don't have all night. the faster we get there, the faster we can go home." Snapping out of my trance, i crawl out of the car and circle around to the passenger's side rear. Yanking open the door, i sit. i'm squished between the door and Bailey. The door is cold. Bailey.... She's sweating like a hog. I sit and stare out the window. There is something that i notice about the moon. It has a shadow. it looks like a button. A button?

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