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Dette er en december kalender, jeg startede endelig ud med at skrive dem som Blogs... Men af en grund nægter Movellas side at lade mig ligge dem ud, så jeg har valgt at skrive dem her inde, I håb om at få mindre problemer med systemet.

Det er bare Anmeldelser på Mangaer(Japanske tegneserier) og Animer (Japanske Tegnefilm) Jeg håber i vil kunne lide det, selvom det er skrevet på engelsk.


4. 8. December Review "Killing Stalking"

The story follows Yoon Bum, a young man who has a history of stalking people he admires. After becoming infatuated with Sangwoo, a peer from his time in the military, he decides to enter Sangwoo's home while he is out of his house. Yoon Bum is then discovered by Sangwoo, who is revealed to be a serial killer. The two then enter a highly manipulative and abusive relationship that brings out both of their pasts as they grow closer together exposing some dark secrets from both of their problem-ridden pasts.


Fuck yea!! Killing Stalking!! Tiny-seven asked me to do a review on this one! Check her stories out! They are exciting!


Ok back to work. I'm normally not into reading yaoi at all. Mostly because of the fact that there is endless rape in them(Or those I have found and been introduced to) So they never really struck me at all. But my big brother insisted on me reading this, telling me that there would be no sex at all so I shouldn't worry about that. Oh boy, he was wrong. There isn't lots of sex in it. But there is a moment that Bum gets a dildo shoved up his butt. He likes it at first since he thinks that Sangwoo is the one doing him. But when he finds out that it is a dildo, he then demands it out again. But that isn't really that bad. Since you don't really see anything, it is mostly Bum sweating and moaning. So I survived that.

This is probably the worst picture, so my eyes weren't really bleeding. But this manhwa isn't about gay love or sex... It is about killing, blood torture!! Oh YES! My kind of manhwa! I enjoyed it whenever Sangwoo would kill someone, which he doesn't do much. But he does break Bum's legs, by pushing him down his basement stairs and then hitting his legs with a bat. Which was really exciting for me. First I thought that it would be another rape, cry stuff yaoi... Since that is all my brother presents to me, when he want's me to read anything. But I got surprised, the murder and the excitement of a police officer trying to figure out the murders. It all... Yesssss I loved it! 

Sangwoo keeps Bum in his basement for a rather long time, he feeds him and only keeps him alive. Because Bum has told him, that he loves him. So I think that he might keep him alive only to see how long the love will last or to feel loved, something is wrong with Sangwoo... So I could be wrong. Sangwoo starts by kissing Bum and then he breaks his other leg. Once he is cuddling with Bum in the shower, but when Bum doesn't want to kiss him, he tries to drown him. 

Sangwoo actually ends up dressing Bum in a striped shirt and a skirt. He makes him crawl around. But he is only allowed in the kitchen, if he crosses a line then Sangwoo will kill him. Of cause, Bum doesn't dare to cross it. Who would, he can't walk or stand, he just crawls around with broken legs. And whenever Bum makes a mistake, by dropping a plate or something like that. Then Sangwoo will beat the crap out of him and then make him start over!

BUTTTTT!!! Something a little weird happens. Sangwoo starts being nice to Bum, he actually starts caring a little bit about him. For example, when Bum drops food on the floor and starts scooping it up with his arm, Sangwoo is fast to get his arm under the cold water. While Bum is really scared to get beaten once again.


Of cause it had to change... Since Bum crosses the line and the tries to escape, screaming for help on the empty street. Sangwoo walks next to him, while Bum is screaming. He just laughs and screams with him, until he carries him in again and starts playing a little with him, by hanging him in the basement.

Bum calls for Sangwoo while he is trying to survive hanging from the roof. Which makes Sangwoo let go of the rope, only to start drowning him and when Bum digs his fingernails into his legs, he kicks him to the side and slide his chin open. He then lets him survive, but only because of the screams. Sangwoo then becomes really unpleasant. He gets a guy down in the basement, make them play a little card game of who to kill, the loser gets killed. In the end, Bum loses and the other guy gets killed. Mostly because of Sangwoo who makes the man hold the knife and points it to himself. That way, when Bum gets pressed against him, the other man gets stabbed.


Trust me this manhwa is great, a really good storyline and good characters, you see things from the police side sometimes. Thought you see it mostly from Bum's point of view. But it is great, I loved it and really wanted people to read it. It isn't done yet, but the excitement just keeps on rolling, so you! My party poopers should be reading this Manhwa! Even if you don't like to read about a boy on boy stuff.


I would give this Manhwa a 10 out of 10. It never really gets boring and you always think fuck and feel sorry for Bum. Whenever you think something is sweet, Sangwoo turns around and stabs you in the heart. So exciting, you'll never know what happens in the next chapter!




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