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Dette er en december kalender, jeg startede endelig ud med at skrive dem som Blogs... Men af en grund nægter Movellas side at lade mig ligge dem ud, så jeg har valgt at skrive dem her inde, I håb om at få mindre problemer med systemet.

Det er bare Anmeldelser på Mangaer(Japanske tegneserier) og Animer (Japanske Tegnefilm) Jeg håber i vil kunne lide det, selvom det er skrevet på engelsk.


2. 6 December Review "Life"

Ayumu Shiiba is studying for the all-important high school entrance exams. She is struggling to get by but thankfully has help from her best friend Shii-chan, who is at the top of their class. Test results come back and their friendship falls apart when Ayumu surpasses Shii-chan's scores and gets into her high school of choice while Shii-chan doesn't! Losing Shii-chan is so painful for Ayumu that she starts cutting her wrists for comfort. Hoping for a fresh start, Ayumu arrives at her new high school and finally opens up to a new friend, Manami. But will Manami prove to be the friend that Ayumu truly needs or send her further into a downward spiral?


This manga was rather good. Is mostly about self-harm and bullying. I read it with a smile on my face when you follow Ayumu doing her best to get into a good school with her best friend. In the hopes to get into the same schools the two friends study together. Her friend helps her, but she still needs to study herself. Whenever she is close to falling asleep she hurts her hand, that way the pain will keep her awake. But as her friend keeps helping her out, her friend starts getting lower grades and in the end chooses to study themselves. Ayumu is alright with that but still wants to pass the entrance exam. And she sure does. 

Sadly her best friend doesn't. She gets rather angry at Ayumu. Ayumu gets home and hurts herself in anger, stabs her hand with a pen so it bleeds. Yet she takes her chance to talk to her friend at school the next day. But it isn't as easy as you might think. Her friend tells her that she wished that they had never hanged out. It's like when we were little and someone said they wouldn't be our friends anymore. I remember that hurting. Mostly because I didn't have any friends at all, so when my only friend said that she wouldn't hang out with me I suddenly felt scared and alone. So I understood Ayumu's feelings and understood her tears.

Ayumu started to feel awful, she starts stabbing a picture of herself and her friend. But she only cuts her own face, she cries and keeps hearing the same words over and over again. And in the end, she starts seeing it as if her friend tells her to die, she gets so emotional that she cuts herself with a razor blade. She feels the pain and stares at the blood streaming down her wrist. But it isn't enough, she cuts once more and once more. She sees the pain as if it's her friends. She must have been hurt really bad when she didn't pass. She sees the pain as taking on her friends pain, so she needs to do it over and over again.

She of cause ends up on the school she wanted for her and her best friend. She starts at the new school and meets another girl, who might seem nice at first. But she talks and talks. For me she was so annoying, I wanted her to leave. She kept talking about her beautiful boyfriend and kept talking as if she was better than the others. Her new friend is called Manami... She is actually seen as a bitch to some people, and the fact that she keeps talking about her boyfriend doesn't only annoy me but the people in the manga.

Sadly Manami's boyfriend is a jerk. His only with her because his father tells him to. And he is actually a pretty big pervert. You'll find out how if you read it!

But as the boy breaks up with Manami, she turns into an empty shell. She cries all the time and keeps seeing him over and over again. (Rather annoying) But Manami wants to help, which ends up with her being humiliated by Manami's ex. But he ends up taking Manami back again. He then starts hurting Ayumu, both mentally and physically. But don't worry, he isn't shown that much. To be honest he is shown at the start and a little in the middle and then a lot near the ending of the book.

The one with the real shine would be Ayumu, Manami, and Hatori. Hatori is the one who actually becomes Ayumu's friend. They somehow end up as best friends and for me... They kind of end up together. But not without a little drama

Hatori starts getting bullied by Manami's many friends. They actually steal stuff from her and treats her like shit. But Hatori doesn't care much about it, all she cares about is herself. As long as she finishes school, then she can get home to her mother. But... Manami pulls Ayumu in that circle, even though she somehow likes Hatori.


They steal Hatori's shoes. Which is a big deal in Japan... you have small lockers for your shoes, so not wearing them is against the dress code. But Manami's group gives the shoes to Ayumu, in the hopes to see that Ayumu is on the bullying team. But to their surprise. Ayumu refuse to be mean towards Hatori since she has always been nice to her. She gives the shoes to her and ends up being the new target. But it gets a lot worse than Hatori's... They try to force her into eating needles and when she tells the teacher or anyone else that she is being bullied. Her family, the teachers etc... No one believes her except Hatori. They start spreading rumors about Ayumu, so the whole class starts bullying her. Hatori isn't at school all the time, only once in a while. So she isn't there to help Ayumu.


The bullying makes her cut deeper into her skin and she starts to hurt herself more, she can't help it anymore. She started hating everything and everything starts getting worse and worse. So reading this manga actually was a treat for me. You might already be thinking (Gess this girl will only be reading tragedy) But yea. I do love that. I won't tell you why, but I just enjoy them.


I give this manga an 8 out of 10. Mostly because the main character Ayumu is rather annoying most of the time and I'm not sure if Ayumu ends up in a relationship with Hatori, which I for some reason wants to!


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