December kalender

Dette er en december kalender, jeg startede endelig ud med at skrive dem som Blogs... Men af en grund nægter Movellas side at lade mig ligge dem ud, så jeg har valgt at skrive dem her inde, I håb om at få mindre problemer med systemet.

Det er bare Anmeldelser på Mangaer(Japanske tegneserier) og Animer (Japanske Tegnefilm) Jeg håber i vil kunne lide det, selvom det er skrevet på engelsk.


9. 13. December "Charlotte"

While on the surface Yuu Otosaka appears to be just another charming and intelligent teenager, he has a secret—he has the ability to slip into people's minds and fully control their body for five seconds at a time. Yuu has been using this skill for years to gain the highest grades, which allowed him to enter a prestigious high school.
When the enigmatic Nao Tomori catches Yuu using his power, she coerces him and his sister Ayumi into transferring to Hoshinoumi Academy, a school for students with supernatural abilities. The student council of the school, led by Nao, is tasked with secretly tracking down adolescents who abuse their powers. Yuu is forced to join the student council and together, they face formidable challenges that bring him closer to the shocking truth that his own, seemingly incomplete ability, might be more powerful than he could have ever imagined.


An original story from Jun Maeda, creator of Angel Beats and Clannad and Charlotte explores the supernatural lives of these teenagers and the price they must pay for being special.

Yuu the main character knows nothing about the world. He uses his ability to take over peoples bodies, so he will be able to cheat on his exams. He even uses it in the hopes to get a girl, but as he does that, he knows nothing about the people who are watching him. He is filmed whenever he uses his powers, and in the end, he is forced to enroll in a school with his sister. A school who protects people with abilities, but not everyone knows that they got one. 

He gets into a group where they search for people with powers. They work hard to protect the people with powers. You get to see their adventure and friendship blossom as they work hard together, where they keep an eye on Yuu's little sister, who hasn't got her powers yet. But they can't keep an eye on her every hour, where she, in the end, ends up with a really powerful power. She is able to make an earthquake if she gets scared. This is the result of his little sister's death.

She is being chased by one of her female friends, who like a boy that has suddenly fallen for Ayumi(Sister) she chases her around, saying that the boy she liked doesn't even want to look at her anymore, he just follows Ayumu around now. And that is why Ayumu must feel the pain that she feels now that the boy doesn't talk to her. She wants to cut her, but as she tries to cut her Ayumu makes an earthquake while screaming, making the school collapse and kills her.

How would someone who has no other than his sister in his life, turn out. Yuu suddenly losing his sister, makes him run away. He misses her, can't take care of himself anymore, he just watches tv, but as people suddenly come to his house all the time, he leaves his apartment and starts living on the street. He uses his time on games and Dango's.

He actually ends up beating up people, finding that more fun than games. So he somehow starts searching for it, this way he laughs and forgets the pain of losing his sister. He loses all faith in people, but as he suddenly wants to do drugs, his friend Nao comes and kicks it out of his hands. 

her ability is to hide her presence from one person at a time. So all this time that he has been mourning his sister, she has been there. In his apartment, on the street, when he fought people. But him doing drugs, is him ruining his life. So she won't stand by and watch that. This is how she ends up taking Yuu to his brother. Which he doesn't know that he has!

He always thought that it was him and his sister Ayumi. But there is a good explanation for his memory loss. If you want to know why then watch it.


Shunsuke(their big brother) knows about Ayumi's death. But he hasn't seen them for years, he wants to help but can't do much. Instead, he explains that he has built the school and made it to protect people with powers. He never wanted anyone to get hurt, and that is why he made this school. He wants Yuu to take his power since he is unable to use it for himself anymore. He was able to travel back in time, but as he lost his sight, he couldn't use it anymore. He, therefore, needs Yuu to use his ability, which isn't to take over your body but to take your ability. He does that, only to save his little sisters life.

I normally hate when people die and come back to life unless it's zombies. But this made sense for me, and they only do it once! Even though another person dies, he doesn't travel back in time, instead, he uses this one time to save his sister's life and taking her ability.

Getting his sister back also ends in him being alone again, since he needs to save his brothers best friend. Who has been kidnapped, he goes there but ends up lossing the ability to travel back in time, resulting in him getting scared and using his sisters power. Resulting in his big brothers best friends death. As he dies he protects the main charcters bestfriend, but ends up losing his life. Yuu then chooses to get on an adventure that only he can do. He wants the world to become normal! He chooses to travel through the world, stealing everyones powers!


But how does that go? I don't know, you tell me :D 


9 out of 10! I enjoyed the story, but when the main character tells a girl, that he loves her, it feels a little weird. Didn't really have to be there. That's why it is only 9 and not 10.




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