Car Crash Hearts

"So long live the car crash hearts" -Thriller F.O.B
Especially fitting when Pete Wentz accidentally hits you with a car.


1. Thriller

"I was just going about my day, walking along and listening to music, I was just getting to my favourite part of Dance, Dance and I really watching the road. Suddenly something slammed me from the side and I was being thrown, I hit the pavement. I tried to get up but the world was spinning and there was a sharp pain in my arm. I could here people shouting and I noticed people running towards me. 


"Oh My God! Are you okay? I'm so sorry." If my mind wasn't so muddled and confused I might have screamed from excitement, Pete Wentz was standing right in front of me, however considering i was just in a car crash, I was probably not seeing what i thought. 

"I'm fine, are you real?" I asked but the world around me was slipping away.


I came to in the hospital with Pete Wentz standing over me, what?! They must have me on some crazy pain meds.

“Hey, uh, sorry, again. I’m Pete by the way, Pete Wentz.” He asked HE seemed nervous, he wasn’t talking to one of his favourite artists!

“Uhh, it’s okay, I’m not dead.” That earned a laugh from him, “I’m Kayla.”

“The Doctor said you have a fractured arm and a minor concussion, do you have a way to get home?” He asked as I began trying to push the covers off me with my good arm.

“I was just going to walk, my house is only a few blocks away.” I tried in vain to untangle myself from the linens.

“Here, let me help.” He said as he pulled the sheets off me. Thank the Gods I was not in a hospital gown. I was still in my (now ripped) black jeans and my favourite t-shirt that read ‘save the scene.’ My docs were at the end of my bed, I stood up and Pete held on to my good arm to help me out of the bed. I walked over to my shoes and began trying to put them on with one hand.

“Did anyone happen to get my phone?” I asked, I had managed to get them on but was struggling to tie the laces.

“Yeah, here, I got it off one of the paramedics.” Pete said as he sat down and helped me tie my shoelaces. He handed me my phone.

“Thanks, oh Shit!” I said when I saw the cracked screen. I tried to turn it on but the screen stayed black. The events of the day were catching up with me and I felt tears run down my cheeks, more from frustration than sadness.

“Hey, I’m sorry, let me buy you a new one it was my fault anyway.” Pete said as he wiped my tears and pulled me into a hug, careful not to jostle my sore arm. “I’m not going to let you walk home either, you have a concussion so let me drive you, please.”

“Okay, but only if you promise not to hit anymore strangers.” I said, and we laughed together. I was still clearly shaken so he held my hand on the way to his car.

“I’m sorry for being so emotional, it’s just that I had quite the music collection on that phone and I just want to go home and get some sleep.” I said as I got into his car.

“It’s okay, I understand, but you can’t go to sleep, you have a concussion.” He said as he pulled out of the hospital car park. “Let me take you to get a new phone and see what we can do about your music before you go to sleep.”

“Okay, but let me pay for part of the phone, it was my fault for not looking.”

“No it’s okay, money isn’t an issue for me and I should have payed more attention anyway.” I could tell from his form but gentle tone that he wasn’t going to let me pay for the phone or let me fall asleep and risk brain damage. Which was sweet of him. “So what type of music was it that you lost?” Oh no, the question I had been dreading, how should I answer?

“A lot of stuff from the 2000s, mostly punk and alternative , I actually had all of your music.” I said with a forced laugh, praying it wouldn’t be

“Oh, that’s cool!” He said it like he meant it. “What type of phone do you want?” He asked as we pulled into the shops.

“Oh, nothing fancy, something in black or grey if possible, don’t spend too much on me.” I said, he helped me out of the car and we walked into the apple store.

“I’ll buy the phone while you go ask about the music, yeah?” I nodded in response and went over to the Genius Bar, it wasn’t busy so I got to talk to someone straight away.

“Hi, I’m Sara, how can I help you today?” She asked me. I produced my smashed phone and handed it to her.

“ I’m actually getting a new phone and I was wondering what I could do about my music? Some of it wasn’t backed up, is there any way for me to recover it?” I asked and her face fell, not a good sign.

“I’m sorry hon, we can’t do anything about it. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No thanks.” I said and I smiled before walking back to find Pete.

“Hey! Here is your brand new phone!” He said handing me the box for an iPhoneX.

“Pete! This is too expensive, how can I accept this from you?” I said trying to hand it back.

“Like this.” He said, refusing to take it back. “My one condition is that you put my number in it.” He winked at me and we both laughed. “How did it go with the music?”

“Nothing they can do, I have to buy some of it all again.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Thank you so much for the new phone though! It’s unbelievable.” I said pulling him into a one armed hug.

“The least I could do, now let me take you for a coffee before I take you home?” He asked hopefully.

“Yeah, of course.” I said and he took my hand and led me to the nearest coffee shop.


A/N: Hey, I’m new to this so feedback is appreciated, but please try to keep to constructive criticism rather than just insults, I want to make the best story I can for you. XX



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