Chemistry Between us

Zachary and Emily share chemistry, that is chemistry class, only Zach is not very good at chemistry and being seated next to Emily he naturally asks her to be his study partner/tutor. The only problem is the other chemistry that they have together.


1. Heavy Hydrogen or Isotope

Today was my first day at the new school, I was starting a week after everyone else because I had had to help my parents with setting up the new house. I stood in front of my new mirror, my honey blonde hair was tied up in a loose and curly ponytail, my black rimmed glasses framed my grey eyes. I had decided to wear light makeup for the first day and go more natural. I was wearing black jeans and my Docs with a simple black top that had roses embroidered on it. The look was a little on the scene/emo side but so what, so was I. 

"Em! It's time to go!" My mother called, I heard the front door open and grabbed my bag looking forward to a chance to start over. 


When we got to the school the deputy principle took my mum and I on a tour, it was very nice and very beautiful, it had some older style buildings and I was definitely into the aesthetic. When we got back to her office she pulled out a folder that had my name on it, from the folder she produced my timetable as well as a few other documents that she gave to my mother.

When I got to my first class I was given an assigned seat next to a guy that was in all honesty TOTALLY HOT! He had blonde surfer hair and a tan, his eyes were a colour somewhere between blue and green and they were mesmerising. 

"Hey" he said and I pulled myself together enough to reply without shaking or stuttering, which considering his level of hotness was pretty awe inspiring. 

"Hi" was my response, real smooth. I could feel everyone in the room, including him eyeing me and trying to figure me out so i sat down.

"You any good at chem?" he asked while our teacher (Mr Waring) was writing on the board. He seemed to want to make conversation with me, I vowed not to let my fresh start go to waste and decided to at least try to be friends with him. 

"Yeah, it's my best subject actually. I'm Emily." He seemed to think about something for a moment before responding. 

"I'm Zach, I'm awful at chemistry but it was the best subject on this line so here I am." He smiled at me, was he flirting? "Actually could you help me with this question?" Before I could reply Mr Waring spoke to the class.

"Can anyone tell me what we would call Hydrogen with an extra neutron?" There were a few murmurs around the room but no one put up their hand, i considered the question for a moment, he could just mean that it would be a different isotope or he could mean heavy Hydrogen. I put up my hand to answer the question.

"It would be heavy Hydrogen, or Deuterium." I said hoping he was looking for that answer.

"While that is true and interesting the answer I wanted to hear was isotope, because today we will be looking at different isotopes of elements." He said before turning back to the board to finish writing up the notes. It was my first class and I had already screwed up, wow. 

"What's Deuterium?" Zach asked while I was wishing the ground would open up and swallow me. 

"It's actually another isotope of Hydrogen." I replied as I began taking down the notes on the board.

"So you were actually right?" he asked. He also began to take down the notes on the board but added, "would you like to grab coffee sometime?" Uhm, YAAAASSSS!! 

"Yeah, sounds good, let me give you my number." I said calmly while screaming in my head. 

I had gotten a cute guys number and an offer to go out for coffee, maybe the new school and fresh start really was gonna be good for me.


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