Chemistry Between us

Zachary and Emily share chemistry, that is chemistry class, only Zach is not very good at chemistry and being seated next to Emily he naturally asks her to be his study partner/tutor. The only problem is the other chemistry that they have together.


2. Coffee four two

It was Saturday and I was just chilling at home and working on my home work from the week. The music I was listening to paused for a second and I heard the buzz that meant I had got a message. “Hey wanna go for coffee today” it was from Zach! I’m not really big into the whole wait to text back so I texted back immediately, “Yeah, what time?” I expected to have to wait a while for him to reply but my phone buzzed again almost immediately, “10?”

“Yeah sure, where do you want to meet?” “Coffee Four Two, it’s on the Main Street” “Okay” I was so excited! What should I wear? It was pretty warm outside so I was thinking either a skirt or a dress. I decided to go with my black A-line dress and some simple black flats. I wore my glasses but my honey hair was down and curly.

“Mum! I’m going out for coffee, is that cool?” I called to her, she was downstairs in her study.

“Yeah of course, be safe!” She yelled back, I rushed outside to see my gorgeous vehicle. I could drive a car but I preferred to ride a motor bike. Well, mine didn’t have gears. It was a beautiful red and I had a black helmet with red roses on it, she had been a present for my 17th birthday recently she wasn’t very expensive and she was incredibly fuel efficient. I got on and rode down to the main street.

I found coffee four two and was inside sitting down at a table by five to ten.

At exactly 10:00 Zach walked in, eyes scanning the room before they landed on me, he gave me a lazy smile and I nearly melted. He came over and sat down.

“Hey, how are you?” He asked his hands playing with a menu.

“Yeah, I’m good, a tonne of homework but doing okay. What about you?” I asked, he started to reply but the waitress came over.

“Hi” He said putting the menu down, “I’ll have a latte please.” He looked towards me.

“And I’ll have a long black please, but would you mind adding a bit of cold water?” I asked and I saw Zach’s confused face out of the corner of my eye. When she left I turned back to him to explain. “Because there’s no milk in the coffee there’s nothing to cool it down so it’s always boiling hot.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” He said nodding in response.

“So, you didn’t say how have you been?” I asked, determined not to let things get awkward.

“Yeah things have been good, I have to pick up my little sister from swim practice later. Do have any siblings?” He asked taking a sip from his latte.

“No, it’s just me and my mum and dad, mum’s a lawyer and dad’s a police officer, what do your parents do?” I asked taking a sip from my long black but immediately pulling away and putting the cup down, I spilt some of the coffee on my dress and I stood up quickly. They hadn’t put enough if any cold water in and it had burned me.

“Ow! Shit.” I muttered, I probably looked like a total clutz to Zach.

“Hey, are you okay” he asked as I sat down.

“Yeah, just a little hot.” I said as I dabbed at my dress with a napkin.

“Did they forget to put hot water in it? Let me take it back,” he said reaching for the cup.

“Yeah sure, thanks." I said as he took my cup over to the counter. This was a disaster. Zach came back with my cup and we talked about our families. His mum is a primary school teacher and his dad was a doctor. When we finished our coffees he walked me to my bike.

"Woah! Is this yours?" He exclaimed as I began putting on my helmet.

"Yeah, she was my birthday present." I said as I got on. "Well, see ya." I said with a smile. Then he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss before pronouncing a hasty goodbye and walking to his car. 




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