This story is about a girl and her experience with moving.


4. August 2015

Nothing interesting ever really happens during the summer. So I am going to skip right over the summer and I am going to go right to the school year, where I start 7th grade. I meet new people. I don't really talk to my friends from elementary school. The boys make new friends. Soon I get introduced. The boys are on the same team as me. It is funny it is as if the teachers planned it. All of the new boys are also on my team. The boys become one big group because the elementary school boys decide that since they have helped me so long that I have to help the new boys too. At first, I help with everyone's homework. But, soon... they don't want me helping in that way anymore. They got mad at me for helping with homework. They accused me of calling them dumb and special needs. I apologized, said I wouldn't help with homework, then asked, "How can I help you then?" They told me they would think about it and I needed to leave. On my way out I heard them argue as they decided what I could help with. This... is where the trouble begins... so pay very close attention... very close. Then next day I went up to them and they ignored me. I decided to wait until lunch because we have the same lunches. At lunch, they told me they figured it out. They told me, that if I wanted to hang out with them anymore I would have to hang out with them after school and... be, their "slave" So I thought about it, and stupidly I agreed. It was at this time when the trouble really began. After school, we all did our homework. They told me to stop dressing like a baby and when they are with me and nobody else I had to call all of them master. I was terrified at the thought of losing their friendship and to be honest, I thought it was just a phase, just a game, and eventually, they would get over it. From that day forwards, I changed the way I dressed. On Monday I either wore shorts that just made dress code or skirts that just made the dress code, I wore a sweater all day to hide my crop top, I left my hair down and straight like all the other girls, and I had to wear heels that made my feet hurt. On Tuesday through Thursday, I wore dresses that just made dress code with my hair down and heels. On Fridays, I wore either skinny jeans or leggings. I wore dress shirts with it and that was them being nice. I had to wear heels as usual. I started to wear makeup. To get all of this I sold my comfortable clothes such as t-shirts, longsleeve shirts, capris, normal shorts, tank tops, socks, sneakers, flats, normal dresses, old sweatshirts, and I had to sell a lot of books to have enough for all of my new clothes. They told me I had to fail in school. Eventually, my parents got so mad at me, they told me to leave. I stayed with my friends for a little, the boys for a little. I lived at a relative's house for some time. I kept on switching back and forth so I would have somewhere to live. When I was with the boys, I had to kiss them for spin the bottle, you have heard of that game right? That is how my school year went. And I spent time thinking on what to do for the summer.

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