This story is about a girl and her experience with moving.


3. August 2014

The summer came and went I talked to friends, went on vacation, and now it is the time of year when we go back to school. I missed my friends and I couldn't wait to see them. Now, I was in 6th grade which meant I was the oldest kid in the school, other than my classmates that is. On the first day, we all talked together. They decided that helping me without getting anything back wouldn't, and couldn't work for them. I was ok with helping them too. This school year I started hanging out with them after school. We all did our homework and I would help them. That is how the whole school year went for us. I would help with homework and they would help with stuff I needed help with. Eventually, before I knew it this school year had come and gone. I made plans to hang out with my besties, you didn't think I had no friends, did you?

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